You ask, I answer.

A recent post on Linkedin made me think about something that happens regularly in my activity, so I wanted to share with you my ideas about the matter.

Quite often during my consulting job and coaching sessions (and apparently this same question is asked to other coaches, too), I get asked this question: “Should I become harder, so as to start achieving what I want?”

My answer, even if there are obvious differences in every situation, often is: “What you will discover in your journey is that openness, understanding, acceptance, and awareness will help you more than simply becoming harder“.

When we become aware and understand who we really are, what we really want, and why we do things the way we do them, then we start broadening our horizons, we begin releasing the burden of painful experiences of the past, and we start walking the inner journey towards our real purpose.

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Growth can be painful, sometimes, this is true. But this happens because we have to pass through all the negative stuff we have collected inside us. It’s painful because we have to remove all those hard layers of heavy rocks where we hid under.

Being harder usually means that you also become stiffer, blocked in your pain and suffering.

Opening your whole being, body, mind, and soul to change will serve you better.

And there are tools you can use to help you find yourselves, like as MMQG, which allows you to set yourself free to achieve the life you want and deserve by growing your connection with the Universe. Meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong are just three of the elements you add to your toolbox during your growth process.


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