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How self-love shows itself

14 Jun

Another post about questions I receive from my readers.

Today’s question is: how self-love shows itself in your life?

I love this question, as it allows me to open up about myself and about the results I got from my practice, the one that has become the Yourself, Understood Coaching Method.

My self-love shows itself by don’t let me feel down with other people’s judgment, as I am aware of my self-worth.

Physically it’s about eating healthy, exercising, and resting properly, practicing all the concept present in MMQG.
Socially, it’s about finding a supportive network and letting go of negative and toxic relationships.
Mentally, it’s about growing awareness of me (of my real self, with my real needs), compassion for others, commitment to help me and them.

Raffaello Palandri

It means choosing to act instead of reacting, it means choosing to make happiness my habit, it means to be grateful, doing things with intention, being true to the real myself.

It also means do not uncritically accept everything that my mind tells me, but remain rightfully self-honest. It means stopping comparisons and competition, and it means promoting self-growth and self-development instead.

My self-love shows itself in letting me celebrate my wins and being responsible for my mistakes, and also in teaching me to embrace and love all those things that make me equal to anyone yet different. This is what makes me special.

Self-love it’s allowing me to accept who I am, with my pluses and minuses. Accepting my imperfection and my beauty. Forgiving me without carrying the burden of the pain of my errors, but only learning the lessons.

It means to treat me and others with love and respect. It means to love. Me and others.

What I do for my body, mind, and soul every day

9 Jun

I have been asked, by a reader, what do I do for my body, mind, and soul every day.

As this is an intelligent question, I want to answer properly.

I practice, and teach, every day MMQG: Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong. This is the most effective tool I have personally developed to improve myself and I use it regularly and effectively also with my students and customers both during training and coaching sessions, as a companion practice to the Yourself, Understood Coaching Method.

Every day I train my mind, my body, and my soul by removing all barriers, all limiting behaviors and thoughts, all dualism and tagging, all reactions.
I introduce every day into my skills’ set something new I have learned or done.

I dedicate every day 2 to 3 hours to studying and reading, so to learn more and be able to help better.

I help and volunteer every single day of my life, helping people, families, elders, children from problematic families (addiction, violence, abuse), both in-person and online.

I try not to settle with easy thoughts, but to move towards my non-comfort zone so as to improve and grow.
Not always I succeed, but I try and continue trying.

I avoid smoking, drugs, drinking alcohol, and try to keep myself healthy so I can help people, as you cannot pour from an empty pot.

I clean and refill my energy daily, so to heal and help people, growing my awareness, my compassion, my social engagement.

I do lots of mistakes, yet I am resilient and I have grit.

A mistake is bad only if you don’t learn its lesson, they say …

I help you find your own definition of success and happiness, then I coach you on how to achieve them. Contact me to become the best version of yourself.

MMQG Qi Gong rooting exercise

30 Apr

Rooting is a key exercise and practice in MMQG Qi Gong as well as in most Neijia – 內家 (Internal Martial Arts) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps to calm down your mind through the increased stability of your body.

This exercise has its origins in millenary Daoist practices. During the first half of the 1900 it has been called Zhan Zhuang站桩 by Sifu Wang Xiangzhai, the creator of Yiquan.

The most common Zhan Zhuang method is Hún Yuán – 浑圆 (Round Smoothness”), also referred to as Chēng Bào 撑抱 ( that means “Tree Hugging”).

Zhan Zhuang has a healthy, normalizing effect on the body and the mind, helping to release muscular tension and stress. This, of course, helps in healing from several muscular-skeletal medical conditions and to prevent them.
Zhan Zhuang has also a positive effect on your mind, that learns how to focus and to become clearer during the practice.

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Happiness is just 7 steps away

26 Apr

You are stuck, you are unsatisfied, you may be thinking that nothing is going in the way you hoped.

The problem is that you are self-sabotaging yourself: you are suffering because of you limiting mindsets, behaviors, attitudes.

The good news is that Happiness is just 7 steps away!


Discover your own definition of what makes you happy, in your personal and professional life, and set yourself free to achieve it!

MMQG Qi Gong standing routine

9 Apr

This MMQG Qi Gong standing routine will help you fight your self-limiting, negative habits, letting you relax and start working on your own energy.

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