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10 exercises for self-awareness

27 Jun

The three keys to improvement and self-understanding are awareness, compassion, and commitment.

In this post I want to give you 10 easy exercises to start developing your self-awareness as this is the first skills you will need in your search for happiness and success.

Self-awareness is extremely useful in getting free from automated and unconscious reaction to what happens and also in detecting any self-limiting, destructive thought-pattern and self-sabotaging behavior.
Growing your awareness will lead you to the freedom of choosing the answer that better suits your will and needs.

The 10 exercises

  1. Your who and why
    Let’s start with the basics. You need to become aware of who you really and what you really want, so your “why“. Ask yourself what defines you, iterating the question another two times.
    Ask yourself who is the real you, which are the basic traits of your behaviors, thoughts, mindsets. And do this for three times, as soon as you think you got the correct answer. Also, ask yourself “Why?”, meaning what is that you really want, why you want it, which are the reasons of that choice. Then, repeat the question again, and again for a third time. In this way you will have clarity on which are the basis of your journey inside yourself.
    Start this process today and keep a note of your answer to check them weekly.
  1. Expand your emotional intelligence
    Wittgenstein, the Austrian-British philosopher said in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus: “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” meaning that we are in a certain way limited by what we can express, or feel. As emotional intelligence is essential to our growth we need to be able to describe what we feel more in detail than simply telling that things are good or bad or that we like or don’t like them. When we can describe with words what we are feeling, we are healing our brain.
    Work on your emotional intelligence each day giving a name to that day’s stronger feelings and emotions and writing them down.
  1. Stop (instinct) reactions
    When you simply react to whatever happens in your life you are running on a sort of instinctual auto-pilot, being slave of (very often very) wrong reactions. Self-awareness will set you free from these reactions, bringing you into the liberating realm of choice, where you can assess situations without acting on biases and stereotypes and then deciding which action is the most appropriate for us in that specific situation.
    Start by becoming aware of every time you react, take a note of the behavior, what happened, and try to identify the reason of that reaction.
  2. Educate yourself
    When we are unable to resist to the urge of satisfying an immediate craving, we are also demonstrating that we cannot avoid short-term gratification, which is bad as it means that we are unable to wait for the long-term gain.
    We need to educate ourselves to choose what is really important for us instead of following thousands of “temptations” like social media, junk food, gossiping, addictions.
    Commit to saying “no” to one short-term satisfaction or temptation each day.
  1. Be fully responsible for yourself
    Accept yourself, accept your defects and your mistakes. But accept also your good things and your successes.
    Remember that you are fully responsible for your happiness, your success, your growth. Stop playing the blame-game and accept that you are the only one who can help yourself when it comes to you. There are no external factors that help you: what a coach, a guide, a healer does is simply showing you how to find in yourself everything you need to grow.
    Self-awareness helps turn the spotlight on ourselves and thus prevents hypocritical behaviors, lack of responsibility, carelessness. Improvement and growth only happen when you start recognize both your flaws and victories. Limit the first and celebrate the others.
    Create a habit of acknowledging whatever you do, rather than making excuses and blaming others or things you cannot control.
Photo by Eternal Happiness on Pexels.com
  1. Use your strengths and accept your weaknesses
    To grow your awareness, you should also learn to use your strengths at your will and accept, then control, your fears and weaknesses. There is nothing wrong in discovering that we can fail, that we can suffer, that we are not perfect. We can control our demons only when we can give them a name. Indulging in self-blaming for our negative traits can spiral into stress, lack of confidence, and depression.
    We are made by both negative and positive traits, it’s up to us making a good use of the seconds while controlling the firsts.
    Write on paper (yes, with pen and paper) your strengths and weaknesses on the two half of a sheet. Then, choose the three that have the bigger impact on your life from each list and start working on those by becoming aware of them in your personal and professional life.
  1. Improve your body, mind, and soul unity
    You cannot grow self-awareness if you don’t consider yourself as the unity of three components: body, mind, and soul.
    The most amazing thing is that once you learn how to let these three components work together, the advantages will be way more than the sum of its parts.
    Each part has of course its own specific rules and characteristics, but they are meant to help you at their best when you can listen to their needs and foster their unity.
    Harmony of body, mind, and soul is the key to ultimate wellness, growth, and happiness so that’s why attaining this unity is such an important goal for every individual.
    To unify the three components, you can start by letting your mind and body work together. This is done by living here and now, driving your mind’s attention into your physical body and giving total, unbiased, non-judgmental attention to your body’s reality.
    When you will start experience the union of your mind and body, your soul will begin revealing itself more and more frequently, flowing in you together with your Qi, your vital energy.
  2. Be accountable
    This growth and development of your awareness often requires that you become accountable for your goals and progress.
    Many get lost after a good start simply because no one helped them remaining on track. Note that the track is yours, only yours, as we have seen in the point about being fully responsible.
    Having an accountability partner is a way to cope with our will wanderings.
    Ask to a good friend of yours to help you by checking your progress when you setup a plan for a specific goal. Set your milestones, set a timing to reach them and a measurable goal, then give your plan to your friend and ask to be checked regularly.
  3. Ask for constructive feedback
    After accountability comes feedback. We all have parts of us that need to be seen from an external point of view.
    So, asking for regular, non-judgmental, constructive feedback let us get rid of any doubt we could have developed about our growth process. Of course, you need to ask feedback only from person you completely trust and/or your would like to be coached, mentored, taught from.
    People who can sincerely understand you, people you respect. Those kind of people that will always tell you what you need and not what you would like to hear.
    Identify a couple of person you could ask their feedback from and approach them telling them about your journey toward self-awareness.
  4. Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong
    Of course, if you ask me what is the best overall method to grow awareness in a holistic way, I will always answer MMQG is the perfect practice!
    MMQG is based on Meditation, Mindfulness and Qi Gong and is the companion practice to my Yourself, Understood Coaching Method.
    The strength of this practice is that is exceptional in improving self-awareness from every point of view, working at the same time on your Body, Mind, and Soul.
    You will start by bringing your focus solely on your breathing as a way to become aware of this key vital process. You’ll grow awareness of your mind, leaving aside all self-limiting thoughts, behaviors, and mindsets. You will improve focus, concentration, condition, improving your personal and professional life.
    For beginners, you can start with fifteen minute sessions to see the first positive results.

    Interested in knowing more? Contact me to have a chat about your personal and professional growth.

How to find yourself, 101

22 Jun

You ask, I answer.

A very common and urgent question I receive almost daily is: “How do you find yourself, what have you done on yourself, how can you help me?

Answering to this question could require a life time, as finding oneself is one of the very reasons we live. Yet, I decided to give you a very short insight of what you can do, practically, to start your journey in self-discovery.

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Finding yourself is an amazing task, and requires attention, commitment, and time, just to name some.

Yet, it can be done practically and quite effectively through getting a deeper insight of yourself through meditation, mindfulness, some physical activity, like Qi Gong, as in my MMQG Kizendo or Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga or similar.

These activities have in common a holistic approach to your Body, Mind, and Soul. This means that you start becoming aware of who you are, removing all the causes that are limiting yourself, you grow compassion towards others, understanding that they behave mirroring themselves, and develop a desire to commit helping others to improve and grow.

The goal is to become aware of who you really are and what you really want. This also means that you will get rid of all self-limiting, self-sabotaging habits, mindsets, and behaviors because of your deeper awareness.

With constant dedication and commitment, not only you will find yourself, but you will also reach your higher soul, a level of connection with everything you have around you that will let you know that you a part of a Universal unity.

So, to pinpoint what I have done and what I help people with: embrace change, as you cannot solve a problem with the very same mindset that caused it, understand your reactions so to get free from them becoming able to choose how to deal with everything that happens, accept your fears and weaknesses so to control them instead of being controlled by them.

My coaching method is called Yourself, Understood for this precise reason: help you understand and develop yourself, allowing to you achieve whatever you want.

Happy to help if you want!

How self-love shows itself

14 Jun

Another post about questions I receive from my readers.

Today’s question is: how self-love shows itself in your life?

I love this question, as it allows me to open up about myself and about the results I got from my practice, the one that has become the Yourself, Understood Coaching Method.

My self-love shows itself by don’t let me feel down with other people’s judgment, as I am aware of my self-worth.

Physically it’s about eating healthy, exercising, and resting properly, practicing all the concept present in MMQG.
Socially, it’s about finding a supportive network and letting go of negative and toxic relationships.
Mentally, it’s about growing awareness of me (of my real self, with my real needs), compassion for others, commitment to help me and them.

Raffaello Palandri

It means choosing to act instead of reacting, it means choosing to make happiness my habit, it means to be grateful, doing things with intention, being true to the real myself.

It also means do not uncritically accept everything that my mind tells me, but remain rightfully self-honest. It means stopping comparisons and competition, and it means promoting self-growth and self-development instead.

My self-love shows itself in letting me celebrate my wins and being responsible for my mistakes, and also in teaching me to embrace and love all those things that make me equal to anyone yet different. This is what makes me special.

Self-love it’s allowing me to accept who I am, with my pluses and minuses. Accepting my imperfection and my beauty. Forgiving me without carrying the burden of the pain of my errors, but only learning the lessons.

It means to treat me and others with love and respect. It means to love. Me and others.

Where do you get your energy?

11 Jun

Another question from a reader, another answer.

Today’s question is: where do you get your energy, what motivates and turns you on? What are you passionate about?

I get my energy from my MMQG practice, Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong, which I do every day, as the first thing I do when I wake up and the last one before going to sleep.
In this way I get my personal energy balanced with what surrounds me, feeding and restoring me so that I can help and heal other people.

I get motivated by my why and by who I am: I want to help people finding what makes them happy and successful and then coach them about how to achieve these, as this has been one of the biggest struggles in my life.

I am a person who cultivates his awareness, develops his consciousness, uses his commitment and engagement to do something relevant for me and who I can help.

I get turned on by the opportunity to learn, study, and teach. It’s a long-life process that enriches me every day, and that I deeply feel part of me.

I am passionate about everything I commit to, everything I put my energy on. Loving, living, helping …

What about you? I am curious to learn your answers!

What I do for my body, mind, and soul every day

9 Jun

I have been asked, by a reader, what do I do for my body, mind, and soul every day.

As this is an intelligent question, I want to answer properly.

I practice, and teach, every day MMQG: Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong. This is the most effective tool I have personally developed to improve myself and I use it regularly and effectively also with my students and customers both during training and coaching sessions, as a companion practice to the Yourself, Understood Coaching Method.

Every day I train my mind, my body, and my soul by removing all barriers, all limiting behaviors and thoughts, all dualism and tagging, all reactions.
I introduce every day into my skills’ set something new I have learned or done.

I dedicate every day 2 to 3 hours to studying and reading, so to learn more and be able to help better.

I help and volunteer every single day of my life, helping people, families, elders, children from problematic families (addiction, violence, abuse), both in-person and online.

I try not to settle with easy thoughts, but to move towards my non-comfort zone so as to improve and grow.
Not always I succeed, but I try and continue trying.

I avoid smoking, drugs, drinking alcohol, and try to keep myself healthy so I can help people, as you cannot pour from an empty pot.

I clean and refill my energy daily, so to heal and help people, growing my awareness, my compassion, my social engagement.

I do lots of mistakes, yet I am resilient and I have grit.

A mistake is bad only if you don’t learn its lesson, they say …

I help you find your own definition of success and happiness, then I coach you on how to achieve them. Contact me to become the best version of yourself.

MMQG Qi Gong rooting exercise

30 Apr

Rooting is a key exercise and practice in MMQG Qi Gong as well as in most Neijia – 內家 (Internal Martial Arts) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps to calm down your mind through the increased stability of your body.

This exercise has its origins in millenary Daoist practices. During the first half of the 1900 it has been called Zhan Zhuang站桩 by Sifu Wang Xiangzhai, the creator of Yiquan.

The most common Zhan Zhuang method is Hún Yuán – 浑圆 (Round Smoothness”), also referred to as Chēng Bào 撑抱 ( that means “Tree Hugging”).

Zhan Zhuang has a healthy, normalizing effect on the body and the mind, helping to release muscular tension and stress. This, of course, helps in healing from several muscular-skeletal medical conditions and to prevent them.
Zhan Zhuang has also a positive effect on your mind, that learns how to focus and to become clearer during the practice.

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MMQG Qi Gong for self-awareness

16 Apr

This MMQG Qi Gong exercise is designed to help you grow your self-awareness coordinating your mind and your body in a single, fluid energy flow.

I developed this method to overcome my own limits and to start learn how to use my own energy to heal my weaknesses and grow.

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MMQG Qi Gong standing routine

9 Apr

This MMQG Qi Gong standing routine will help you fight your self-limiting, negative habits, letting you relax and start working on your own energy.

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MMQG Qi Gong Practice #3

3 Apr

MMQG Qi Gong can be performed completely relaxed or in a “martial” way, using force and muscle contraction. You can choose the way you prefer, or even mixing the two.

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