We all share the same roots, we are all made of the same energy and elements. Being inclusive is not just a choice, is the only way to live together fostering our love.

There are so many different ways we can follow to be more inclusive, starting with opening our minds, raising our awareness, and broadening our understanding of others.

Both in our personal and professional life, we can embrace inclusiveness by choosing solutions that will make everyone feel accepted, involved, and valued.

Our minds, behaviors, and mindsets can be shaped both by our words and actions. Using inclusive language, that avoids stereotypes and biased metaphors is a good start.

Choosing ways to meet, especially for business purposes, that allow everyone to be an active part of the event is not difficult when one thinks about the different needs of the attendees. The right choice of venue, food, drinks, and dress code is easily achievable with small effort.

I have been working with people and businesses for way over three decades helping them with inclusiveness. It all started with my severe allergies to most food (and medicines) that made it difficult for me to safely attend meetings, parties, celebrations, and events, as it rarely happened that I could find suitable food. Also working in teams was difficult for me as I could easily have life-threatening allergic reactions if someone used medicine I am allergic to around me (and I am speaking in a range of 10 meters – it happened twice!!). Then I started working with expats, people with special needs, and intercultural environments, finding great solutions that made everyone happy and safe.

And you? Are you aware of how inclusive are your workplace, meetings, and events?


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