We are made by our body, mind, and soul, yet we are more than them. We grow when we become aware of the separation between who we are and what we are made of.

It took me a while to become aware, understand, and then apply it in my life this increased awakening.

We are holistic beings, made up of a physical body, a thinking mind, and a feeling soul.

But, when we start thinking, we quickly discover that we are more than our thoughts.

When we use our bodies, we feel that we are not just our biology.

When we feel something, we are aware that there is more than just what we feel.

We are at the same time the subject and the object of our existence in this time and place, in this specific form.

We are beings connected with the Universe, living in this period of what we call life, but made by the very matter of everything else around us.

Then, we cannot ignore our connection. We have the choice to grow, to develop our being. And all of this by fostering our interconnectedness, by loving, helping, healing, taking care, and being grateful.


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