As you know, I study Alchemy.

Alchemy is not, as many think, an occult relic of the past ages.

Alchemy is the path of personal holistic illumination, liberation from what is limiting us, awakening into higher levels of understanding.

Following this definition, Alchemy is a multi-faceted, all-encompassing, and systematic approach to freedom, transformation, and change.

The purpose of Alchemy is to set yourself Free to achieve the life you deserve by getting rid of all those negative, limiting mindsets, behaviors, attitudes, fears, beliefs, wounds, losses that are obstructing your growth.

Getting back to our truest purpose, with our body, mind, and soul, and then transcending the limits of this low-energy understanding many live into, is the ultimate goal of an Alchemist’s research.

We can thank the Swiss psychiatrist C. G. Jung for his continued interest in symbols, inner work, Alchemy.

Solve et coagula: Dissolve and coagulate.

– Alchemist saying

There are many different interpretations and studies in Alchemy, but many lecturers agree on the 7 stages of Spiritual Alchemy.

These stages are:

  1. Calcination: Breaking down those parts of ourselves that are limiting our own growth: our egos, mindsets, behaviors, attitudes, self-doubts.
  2. Dissolution:  Taking a step back and becoming aware of ourselves, with both positive and negative qualities, and starting awakening into a higher understanding. 
  3. Separation: Separating our most true feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and emotions from all those things we have been conditioned and guided to think and feel. This allows us to see who we really are, what we really want, why we do things the way we do them. We also delve deeper into shadow work.
  4. Conjunction: Allowing for our inward-aimed understanding to become able to fully, truly, and honestly accept all the parts of our most authentic being.
  5. Fermentation: This is the beginning of our rebirth. Fermentation occurs in two parts: Putrefaction and Spiritization. Putrefaction represents the definitive death of our old thoughts, attitudes, prejudices, patterns, behavior, and beliefs. Spiritization represents the beginning steps of our journey into the rebirth of our highest being into a renewed understanding, through awareness, intuition, inner calmness.
  6. Distillation: The second step into rebirth, a deeper level of purification and enlightenment. In this stage, we find a way to separate ourselves from all mundane, low-energy, trivial events so as to continue to let all of our progress into awareness and understanding become permanent. All of the residual impurities in ourselves are forever removed, and there we are left with nothing but the essence of our being. Specific practices are required at this stage.
  7. Coagulation: In this state, the Universe is no longer separate from us. All our being, body, mind, and soul become one with the Universe and its energy. We are back to our most intimate essence as creators. This is the meeting point between all the opposites: good and evil, spirituality and matter, heaven and hell, love and hate, life and death. All our existence becomes awareness and understanding. This is the moment when our lives are without duality so that our Energy is freely flowing with the Energy of the Universe.

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