You ask, I answer.

A very common and urgent question I receive almost daily is: “How do you find yourself, what have you done on yourself, how can you help me?

Answering to this question could require a life time, as finding oneself is one of the very reasons we live. Yet, I decided to give you a very short insight of what you can do, practically, to start your journey in self-discovery.

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Finding yourself is an amazing task, and requires attention, commitment, and time, just to name some.

Yet, it can be done practically and quite effectively through getting a deeper insight of yourself through meditation, mindfulness, some physical activity, like Qi Gong, as in my MMQG Kizendo or Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga or similar.

These activities have in common a holistic approach to your Body, Mind, and Soul. This means that you start becoming aware of who you are, removing all the causes that are limiting yourself, you grow compassion towards others, understanding that they behave mirroring themselves, and develop a desire to commit helping others to improve and grow.

The goal is to become aware of who you really are and what you really want. This also means that you will get rid of all self-limiting, self-sabotaging habits, mindsets, and behaviors because of your deeper awareness.

With constant dedication and commitment, not only you will find yourself, but you will also reach your higher soul, a level of connection with everything you have around you that will let you know that you a part of a Universal unity.

So, to pinpoint what I have done and what I help people with: embrace change, as you cannot solve a problem with the very same mindset that caused it, understand your reactions so to get free from them becoming able to choose how to deal with everything that happens, accept your fears and weaknesses so to control them instead of being controlled by them.

My coaching method is called Yourself, Understood for this precise reason: help you understand and develop yourself, allowing to you achieve whatever you want.

Happy to help if you want!

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