You ask, I answer.

Today I am answering a question I often am asked: which are tangible signs of a spiritual awakening?

That is a question I love, as it is the very same question I continued asking my master when I was learning. I suppose it is absolutely normal during our growth process wanting to know what will happen to us and how we are supposed to recognize if something happens.

Spiritual awakenings are our most intimate call towards freedom.

If we are not able to accept this call, if we close us for any reason, fear, excess of rationality, religion, our life will be doomed to perpetual greyness.

But, listen to your spiritual awakening, follow its guidance, set yourself free and your life will be forever transformed into something meaningful and healing.

Chances are that if you are reading this post today you are starting to feel this call or you are walking towards your freedom. Things are probably starting to appear different from you, and you are probably experiencing some bigger change in your world and in the universe around you.

Spiritual awakening is not something you achieve in one day, it requires commitment and the desire to work on yourself, even when things become tough.

If you started to experience at least a little spiritual awakening, you also started to see through the lies and illusions of the previous knowledge you built up about this world. You start becoming aware that nothing external, nothing outside you had ever, has now, and will ever bring you true happiness, success, or fulfillment.

I am sure that you are also craving for something that can nourish your soul in a more fulfilling way, something that could let you feel one with the universe, once again.

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Ego and Spirit

Let’s start with an operative definition, as there are some different points of view about the topic. I call here Spiritual awakening the personal achievement of a permanent awakening into and awareness of a dimension of reality beyond the very limited confines of the ego.
The ego, for this post’s purpose, will be defined as our individual, exclusive sense of self or the “I.”

This spiritual awakening occurs when one discovers that his/her ego can release some of its control so that a broader understanding can arise within. It’s a process that is associated with one’s psychology, with one’s emotional body, with our soul.

Spiritual awakening thus implies the return of what in the Taoist tradition is called the Original Spirit, that is nothing different from what C.J. Jung called the Self.

This return is what makes us truly human.

As I want to make this post as easy reading, I will not delve into all details about this process, as I will do it in a dedicated post at a later stage.

I will give you the core info needed to grasp the concept: we have two souls, a lower and a higher one. The lower one is the ego and it believes to be in charge of everything. The ego is possessive by nature as it experiences and defines itself by separation and comparison from everything else.

This lower soul is driven by the most basic needs, by physical pleasures, by uncontrolled emotions, all trying to meet the needs described by Maslow. The appetite of the ego is insatiable and, if left untamed, it never ends and burns everything inside us.

The Higher Self is what we can call a Spirit, Higher Self, or Soul. Its needs are higher and it is calm, relaxed, aware, non-judgmental, non-divisive, compassionate, understanding, and intuitive.

The ego needs to learn in order to accumulate knowledge, the Spirit bases itself upon intuition of what it really is. Oversimplifying, we can say that the ego thinks, while the Spirit knows.

Also, the ego looks continuously to do something, while the Spirit is simply in its eternal state of being.

Spiritual Awakening Signs

I will avoid in this post all the fake symptoms and signs of an awakening soul, as I will dedicate a specific post to it.

So, let us see a series of well definite awakening symptoms I personally experienced and you can have as well:

  • A deep shift in priorities and values
  • A growth in Emotional Wellbeing
  • An acquired love for insight, reflection, slowing down
  • Growth in responsibility for one’s actions and feelings
  • A change in life-styles choices
  • A crave for authenticity, meaning, and purpose
  • A broadened awareness, compassion, commitment all joined by a wider sense of universal connection
  • Development of a happiness habit
  • You feel more wonder and curiosity
  • A “larger than their sum” result of uniting body, mind, and soul
  • Bigger healing capabilities, paired with a finer sensibility and a higher perspective
  • A growth of intuition
  • A transformation of the inner world, becoming able to see over dualism
  • You start to love unconditionally
  • You become detached from possessions, excesses, material things, subjects that don’t promote your growth
  • Intolerance for social illusions, empty conversations, and false conventions
  • Perception of the futility of money, career, false ambitions.

There are some other signs, and I invite you to comment with your experience, I am always happy to discuss more!

How to Approach Spiritual Awakening

From my experience, you should aim to a holistic approach to your spiritual awakening, trying to improve yourself on multiple levels: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and of course, energetic.

Meditation will be one of the basic tools to reach this state, but it’s not the only one. Your awakening can also be triggered at any moment of your life by unexpected events, changes (both negative and positive), traumas.

The most common limits and barriers to a full spiritual awakening are: stagnation, ignorance, fear, selfishness, anger, guilt, and grief.

How long does spiritual awakening last?

Spiritual awakening lasts for all the rest of your life, once it begins. Be prepared, however, to experience periods with different levels of intensity. Don’t get lost during the period of low awareness, but keep working on you! Remember that you are doing a journey, you are not going to a static and fixed final destination.

What to do after a spiritual awakening?

After a spiritual awakening, continue exploring and grow, follow your powerful instincts and choose the path that best suits you. Continue working on yourself, even more than before, now that the limits have been passed.

Awakening is like resetting your system. It’s the beginning of your new journey. You are now able to break all the attachments and the bounds of your lower spirit and going further. It’s all up to you. It’s your choice, your responsibility.

Need help?

If this post has helped you, or if it has stimulated your curiosity, I am here to help you in your spiritual journey.

Contact me to learn more!

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