I’m a sustainer and a promoter of the idea of Happiness at Work (I am the proud coordinator of the Happiness Fest Events in Nuremberg every year), and happiness requires a bit of humor.

Humor is also a clear sign of intelligence, which is never a bad thing in a business environment.

Workplaces that are too serious and that are against a healthy dose of laughter, happiness, and humor, have a severe negative impact on their employees and managers.
So it’s a good idea to keep an open mind, laugh, be happy, and be able to use your wits.

Emotional intelligence is also involved here: laughing is an extremely effective system to create social bonds, decrease interpersonal and hierarchical distance, and promote communication and teamwork.

Photo by Rodolfo Quiru00f3s on Pexels.com

Laughter lets us leave behind the negative burden of stress and embrace the positive aspect of growth. It decreases cortisol, the hormone of stress, it relaxes our body, mind and soul.

What are you waiting for? Have a good, heartfelt laugh at your office!


4 thoughts on “Happiness (and laughter) at work

  1. Behold the power of laughter – a remarkable natural medicine that has the ability to soothe the mind, lift the spirits, and even alleviate pain. With its unique ability to treat stress, improve mood, and promote overall well-being, laughter truly is a wonder of nature. Keep laughing and let the magic unfold!

    You have given a topic to explore. Thanks !!!

    Regards and Love

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