Shadow work is a concept introduced by the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst C.G. Jung and it consists in accessing all of your thoughts and feelings so that you begin to become aware of your unconscious self.

Carl Gustav Jung

In psychology and healing, shadow specifically refers to those parts within us that we, consciously or unconsciously, try to hide or deny.

This comprises of these aspects of us that we may consider or label as shameful, negative, unacceptable, dark. The range of definitions is as wide as the entire humanity and the origins of these shadows can be often found in childhood.

Even if don’t want to admit it, you, like everyone else, have a dark side. The problems arise when you are not aware of your shadow so that it can limit and sabotage your life. Even worse, if you try to deny, repress, or suppress your dark side, you could end with addictions, low self-esteem, lack of commitment, mental and chronic illness, stress, anxiety, fears, phobias.

To consciously get access to your shadow, you will use some effective practices like writing, journaling, self-awareness, self-compassion, non-judgmental acceptance, meditationmindfulness just to name some.

Through this way of healing you will start notice patterns in how you react to what happens, and by studying them you also become aware and conscious of them, so making them controllable and manageable.
You will begin to decipher those patterns and will start deciding which reactions, mindsets, and behaviors no longer serve you, so that you can move forward with enhanced awareness.

When you can give a name to your inner demons you can tame and control them, so their negative impact on your life will be manageable.

Instead of being slave of your reactions to events that happen in your life all the time, you will play life’s game by deciding to choose and act.

Shadow work is an integral part of what you can find during coaching or healing sessions with Raffaello Palandri.

Get in contact now if you want to tame your shadows!

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