I was speaking to a coach, some days ago, and she was telling me how much she hated her business in these last months because it wasn’t working, whatever she was trying to do.

She bought a business marketing package (actually, even more than one) of an extremely reputable marketer / coach / guru online ..and she did everything to the letter, up to tiniest details. All the strategies, the suggestions were labeled as “fail-proof”, you simply could not fail if you did all of them. And she did it!

Guess what … the clients just weren’t coming in!
She wasn’t making money … she was losing a lot of time and money, to be honest!! She was feeling really mad because she started thinking to be unable to be a coach and a businesswoman. struggling.

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After all the gurus, after all the hyper-coaches, she contacted me as she read one of my daily motivational post in a group. She was highly skeptical at the beginning, because “you know, you ain’t a 7 figures coach, you ain’t American” … but as nothing was working she reached out to be comforted spiritually.

She was doubting of all her choices, of all her skills, and she was thinking to simply get rid of all her business, and get back to a 9 to 5 job.

She told me: “I contacted you because it seems that you deal with things a lot differently than any other.”

Well, about that she was absolutely RIGHT!

I do things differently.
And I do it because we all different, so there is no magic soup that can work for all of us without some custom ingredient.
It’s not that I don’t know all the marketing strategies and tactics, it’s not because I don’t want to be mainstream, it’s simply because I focus on who you really are and what you really want.

I help you create a crystal clear definition of what you consider being happy, fulfilled, successful, then I help you achieve it by letting you get rid of self-limiting thoughts, behaviors, mindsets.

Having worked 25+ years in this field and having helped literally dozens of businesses, coaches, and freelancers in improving themselves I see that online coaching MUST be created individually, as it’s not a mass product or service.

This explains why if you follow any program that is designed to work “with anyone” you are going to have a lot of difficulties in having it work for your specific needs.

So, I suggested her to start working with me in designing a custom made offer, and I told her that she would have paid me only after getting real, tangible results.

Her first customers are now coming in, and I am sure she will soon be able to have a stable income from her coaching job.

If you want to create something that it’s 100% reflecting who you really are and how you can really help, contact me to start working together.

Let’s show people that understanding yourself and living who you are is the best way to prepare yourself to help them!

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