I completed my 2022 reading challenge (I use Goodreads as a digital bookshelf to keep track of them)!

I have read 186 books, this year, learning new things, expanding my horizon, and bringing new tools in my case so as to better help people.

Some say that reading cannot be seen as a challenge but as a pleasure, taking all the time one needs to appreciate the books. For me, reading IS a pleasure. So that’s why I read a lot. I am curious and keen to learn by nature.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Since I was 8 years old (thanks to my mother for that), I have had the habit of dedicating a specific amount of time to reading every day of my life.

Now, it’s at least 2 hours daily. And here consistency is the key. I always have time to read, and even in extremely busy days, I find time to do it.

I love spending time reading, as it’s like having amazing people talking with me during my journey.

And you?
Do you love reading?


10 thoughts on “2022 Reading Challenge

  1. Of course I love reading, Raffaello. It’s part of my life. I read every kind of book (e-books or the original type).
    I have to admire you, my friend for your 186 read books during this year. No, I have not read such a huge number but I insist reading.
    Happy new year my friend.

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  2. That’s an amazing result. I am also an avid reader, and was pleased with my total of 130, but you’ve gone way beyond that. Congratulations! I’ve also sent you a Goodreads Friend request!


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