The new year has come, and I want to start it with a clear statement:
I would ask to everyone of you, my friends and contacts to help me start my coaching practice.
I am looking for referrals.
I can help people overcome anxiety, stress, fears in their daily life by simple yet effective tools.
I have been dealing with anxiety, stress, fears for many years, and this had a deep impact on my health and wellness.
But, I learned how to overcome these problems.
I have developed a way to let people understand themselves, and start living better. It’s just that, sometimes: living better to start flourish again.
Think about students, who are nervous about their exams.
Think about people who work and struggle coping with stress, lack of commitment or motivation, fear of losing/getting a job.
Think about athletes, who may be missing that little something that would dramatically improve their performance.
Think about managers and freelancers, who live (even if they won’t easily admit that) with the constant stress and fear about their future and the future of their business.
To you, it could be just a matter of thinking about people you care about or you know.
To them, it could be a great help.
Please help me help people.
Refer them to me or tell them to visit Yourself, understood and book a free assessment.
I, and for sure them, will thank you for this little help.

Yourself, understood 2

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