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Photobite interview – PONF Multiback Open Camera

12 Sep



Film photography 101

27 Oct

I want to start a series of blog posts about photography.

I will cover 5 different areas:

  • Photography at large
  • Film Photography
  • Developing and Printing
  • Digital Photography
  • Tech & specs

For the first post I want to start to talk about my very first passion: film photography.

Film photography, a definition

Film photography is photography that uses, as a recording medium, a light reacting film, covered by silver halide crystals. This film can be developed, after being exposed, to fix the sensitive layers so they are no more affected by light and also revealing the latent image shot.

Film photography has been the only one existing for more than one hundred year, and is still used today, by an increasing number of photographers and enthusiasts.

When using film, you have the choice between Black and White and Colour film. The difference between the two types is quite obvious: a Black and White film, which can be an orthochromatic or a panchromatic one, reacts to light creating natively an images in shades of grey, while a Colour film reacts creating a full colour image.

In the next post about film photography I will explain in detail how a film is made, so don’t worry about new terms and concepts now: you will find everything you need to master the concept following this series of posts.

Film photography is fun

Film photography is both challenging and fun: you need to take your time before shooting, you need to think about to set your camera, check for light and composition, and then press the shutter button. Also, a 35mm film canister has 24 or 36 exposures, so you cannot “waste” them in a lot of test shots.

You need to carefully select your subject, think about the desidered result of your image, so you improve your planning skills as you try to anticipate the scene you are going to photograph.

Also, after shooting a photo, you have to wait for it to be developed to see the result, so this another part of the fun. With the developed film you can go and print it (at home, too, and I will teach you how to do that) or scan it to check it on a computer.

Film photography is reliable

Also, film photography is a technology almost fully developed, so it’s stable, reliable, and will not change that much in the next year, so that once you learn how to be proficient in it, you will remain proficient.

Once you learn the differences between the different films, and how to exploit them to get the result you want, every roll of film will be consistently giving you the same results.

So, welcome to film photography, follow this blog for more and more things about it.


You can find more about me and my hybrid camera project at: www.randtglobalservices.com




R&T Global Services Ltd selected for Acorn Enterprise 6th intake

9 Sep

Great news!

R&T Global Services Ltd has been selected for the 6th intake of the Acorn Enterprise 20 week Business Accelerator Programme.

We are developing a hybrid camera. Now our path to the production stage has been set up.

If you want to help us with this project, go visit www.randtglobalservices.com and follow us on Facebook.

Can’t wait until Tuesday, when the Programme will start.


The Tempest #3

27 Jun

The Tempest #3.

Lantern games – Juegos de lámpara

13 Apr

Lantern games – Juegos de lámpara.

lámpara: Aparato o utensilio que sirve para producir luz: hoy en día todas las lámparas son eléctricas; sobre la mesa había una antigua lámpara de gas.


13 Apr


larger perspective

13 Apr

larger perspective.

Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, Roma

11 Apr

Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, Roma.

St. Paul, Column of Marcus Aurelius, Rome

11 Apr

St. Paul, Column of Marcus Aurelius, Rome.

Column of Marcus Aurelius, Rome

11 Apr

Column of Marcus Aurelius, Rome.

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