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Aiming high

12 Sep

Tomorrow is R&T Global Services first day at Acorn Enterprise Business Accelerator Programme, in Rosyth.

It is a great chance to meet new people, to learn new things, to share ideas.

We have a goal to achieve: making our hybrid camera. We are starting from a project, we want to have a product. It’s an ambitious goal, we know.

But if don’t aim high, you will not achieve enough.

Stay tuned.

R&T Global Services Ltd selected for Acorn Enterprise 6th intake

9 Sep

Great news!

R&T Global Services Ltd has been selected for the 6th intake of the Acorn Enterprise 20 week Business Accelerator Programme.

We are developing a hybrid camera. Now our path to the production stage has been set up.

If you want to help us with this project, go visit www.randtglobalservices.com and follow us on Facebook.

Can’t wait until Tuesday, when the Programme will start.


Relocating to Edinburgh

30 Nov

I am relocating to Edinburgh.

I will start up a new business, here and I will be fully operative within the end of January, 2016.

More news to come …

The Tempest #3

27 Jun

The Tempest #3.

Lantern games – Juegos de lámpara

13 Apr

Lantern games – Juegos de lámpara.

lámpara: Aparato o utensilio que sirve para producir luz: hoy en día todas las lámparas son eléctricas; sobre la mesa había una antigua lámpara de gas.


13 Apr


Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, Roma

11 Apr

Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, Roma.

St. Paul, Column of Marcus Aurelius, Rome

11 Apr

St. Paul, Column of Marcus Aurelius, Rome.

Column of Marcus Aurelius, Rome

11 Apr

Column of Marcus Aurelius, Rome.

‎Apfelrotkohl‬ (‪stufato‬ di cavolo‬ rosso e mele all’‪Austriaca‬)

2 Mar

‎Apfelrotkohl‬ (‪‎stufato‬ di ‎cavolo‬ rosso e mele all’‪‎Austriaca‬)

Ingredienti per 4 persone:

cavolo rosso, mezzo (ca. 700g)
aceto di vino, 2 cucchiai
burro, 25 gr
cipolla bianca, mezza
zucchero, 1 cucchiaio
sale, 1 cucchiaino
cumino, semi 1 cucchiaino
mela gialla, 1
vino rosso, mezzo bicchiere
acqua, mezzo bicchiere

Tagliate il cavolo a listarelle sottili, e marinatelo velocemente nell’aceto.
Fate dorare nel burro le cipolle tritate con lo zucchero, aggiungete quindi le mele, le spezie, il vino e infine il cavolo e l’acqua.
Salate, pepate e cuocete, senza coperchio, a fuoco basso per 1 ora circa, rimestando occasionalmente.

Al termine della cottura, si accompagna bene a carni bianche.

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