Holistically use our body

We should holistically use our body, mind, and soul. We should be able to use rationality, love, reasoning, intuition at the same time if we want to progress. And you? Do you use all of your being, all of your knowledge, faculties, skills, abilities to progress? What is limiting or blocking your growth?

Business coaching in Nürnberg and online

I am setting up a monthly/bimonthly (i.e. twice per month) business coaching sessions, starting from March, where you will get immediate and effective results in: Self-confidence vs. self-sabotagingMindset & skillsEmbracing fears & develop strengthsLeadershipSMART goal settingPlanning for successQuality management (+ ISO)Conflict managementChange managementTeam building & Management - HR managementBusiness strategyWork-life balanceEmotional Intelligence skillsWork/life Balance Business…