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Where do you get your energy?

11 Jun

Another question from a reader, another answer.

Today’s question is: where do you get your energy, what motivates and turns you on? What are you passionate about?

I get my energy from my MMQG practice, Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong, which I do every day, as the first thing I do when I wake up and the last one before going to sleep.
In this way I get my personal energy balanced with what surrounds me, feeding and restoring me so that I can help and heal other people.

I get motivated by my why and by who I am: I want to help people finding what makes them happy and successful and then coach them about how to achieve these, as this has been one of the biggest struggles in my life.

I am a person who cultivates his awareness, develops his consciousness, uses his commitment and engagement to do something relevant for me and who I can help.

I get turned on by the opportunity to learn, study, and teach. It’s a long-life process that enriches me every day, and that I deeply feel part of me.

I am passionate about everything I commit to, everything I put my energy on. Loving, living, helping …

What about you? I am curious to learn your answers!


2 Jun

I know and understand myself.
I have given a name to all my demons and now I can control them, don’t allowing them to limit or sabotaging me.
I am aware of who I am, I am compassionate with others, I engage in helping them and fight inequality.
I am worthy because I am different, being equal.

This is the most accurate definition of why I am worthy, as of today.

Each of us should be able to find his/her own definition of worthiness, as this is part of that improvement process that never ends.

It’s not a matter of achievements or beliefs. It’s what you really feel about you.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Self-worthiness and self-acceptance

7 May

You are worthy.

And you are worthy because of who you are. It all passes through self-acceptance. Once you start accepting who you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses, with all your courage and fear, then you start growing.

Acceptance, thus, comes from a deeper awareness of who we are and what we really want.

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Make Happiness Your Habit

27 Apr

You can Make Happiness Your Habit and get rid of all self-limiting thoughts, habits, behaviors. Transform you and your life into what you choose.

Live a healthier, wealthier, and happier personal and professional life!

Now, with an innovative Coaching Program it’s possible to start choosing your life instead of simply passively reacting to everything that happens. When we choose, we are free.

And, choosing to live can become a habit, a happiness habit.


Happiness is just 7 steps away

26 Apr

You are stuck, you are unsatisfied, you may be thinking that nothing is going in the way you hoped.

The problem is that you are self-sabotaging yourself: you are suffering because of you limiting mindsets, behaviors, attitudes.

The good news is that Happiness is just 7 steps away!


Discover your own definition of what makes you happy, in your personal and professional life, and set yourself free to achieve it!

MMQG Mindfulness Practice – I am not what I think

2 Apr

A challenging MMQG Mindfulness practice to relax and start making the right questions about who we really are.

Hint 1: we are not what we think.

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MMQG Breathing Awareness Meditation

1 Apr

This is an Easy Meditation to promote Breathing Awareness and getting rid of negative emotions.

Feel the the energy flowing in and out your body, listen to your body and remember: over the darkest clouds, the sky remains blue.

Send your negative thoughts away with your breath as dark clouds are swept away by the wind.

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Happiness is what you want it to be

30 Mar

Don’t get lost in this crisis. Happiness is a habit you can learn, develop, and use. This online coaching guides you from self-sabotaging to your definition of happiness in 7 easy steps.

You are not bound to stagnation, fears, stress.
Happiness is what you decide it to be, and what you need is just finding it out, through clarity and insight.

Start creating your path to a healthier, wealthier, and happier life today!

Get personalized, custom coaching sessions and transform your life from today.


This coaching is part of the Yourself, Understood Coaching offer, as described in the Free to Achieve book by Raffaello Palandri, available both in Kindle and in Paperback format.

Happiness Meditation to help with COVID-19 stress

22 Mar

Here is a Happiness Meditation designed to help you deal with the stress, the anxiety, and the fears caused by the COVID-19 Pandemics.

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Help me help you with online coaching

18 Mar

I will continue to help you online.
Help me help you.

During this COVID-19 Pandemics outbreak, you may need help with your personal and professional life. You could be needing help with dealing with the stress, the anxiety, the uncertainty of the moment.
You could be struggling with your job, with your finances and could be thinking about changing your career or to improve your skills.

If you run a business, you could need a help with making the right choices, or with strategies, or with cutting expenses while keeping a reliable income.

For all your needs, I can help.

Contact me and let’s have a chat.

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