Photography Of The Day – Dunfermline City Chambers

Dunfermline City Chambers - Photo by Raffaello Palandri The building serves as home to the local area committee of Fife Council and is a Category A listed building. Its foundation stone was laid on 11 October 1876, it was designed by James Campbell Walker and Messrs W & J Hutchison, and completed in May 1879.

Agfa Parat-I test reel

After performing a 3 hours full CLA (Cleaning, Lubricating, and Adjusting) this Half-Frame Agfa Parat-I (1965-ish) is now doing again what it is supposed to do, taking great shots. I used an expired Agfa 100 APX film, developed at home and then digitally scanned. Agfa Parat-I Test Reel

Photography Of The Day – Huginn and Muninn during our daily meeting

These are Huginn and Muninn, the oldest crows of their murder. They introduced us to all the members of their family and their murder. They come every day to meet us and sit in front of the window of our attic, often bringing us some gifts they find and collect during their errands. I love…