Photography Of The Day – The Rose and Christina Rossetti

The lily has a smooth stalk,Will never hurt your hand;But the rose upon her brierIs lady of the land. There‚Äôs sweetness in an apple tree,And profit in the corn;But lady of all beautyIs a rose upon a thorn. When with moss and honeyShe tips her bending brier,And half unfolds her glowing heart,She sets the world…

Photography Of The Day – Dunfermline City Chambers

Dunfermline City Chambers - Photo by Raffaello Palandri The building serves as home to the local area committee of Fife Council and is a Category A listed building. Its foundation stone was laid on 11 October 1876, it was designed by James Campbell Walker and Messrs W & J Hutchison, and completed in May 1879.

Agfa Parat-I test reel

After performing a 3 hours full CLA (Cleaning, Lubricating, and Adjusting) this Half-Frame Agfa Parat-I (1965-ish) is now doing again what it is supposed to do, taking great shots. I used an expired Agfa 100 APX film, developed at home and then digitally scanned. Agfa Parat-I Test Reel