I offer a wide range of consulting services to help you achieve the massive results you’re after.

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20+ years of Management and Consulting Experience

As a consultant with more than 25 years of international experience with Governments, Companies, and Individuals, I have earned a relevant experience in most of the areas you need to successfully run a business, a profession, or a job.

My top expertise is in:

Raffaello Palandri

Robust business solutions, Tailored Management, Quality, and Reliability

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A business, a profession, a job are all like a living organism: they need care to thrive.
And this care must be holistic, because it must address all the things you and your business may need.
Management, Strategy, Vision, Change, Communication, Quality are just some of the points we will work together on.


Running a successful business requires a clear strategy. Let’s work together on determining what is best for you and your activity.


My goal is to help you identify and remove everything that is limiting you in your business, personal or professional life so that you can be free to achieve the massive results you want and deserve.

Let’s build something together.

Consulting Posts

Book of the Day – The Loudest Duck

Today’s Book of the Day is The Loudest Duck, written by Laura A. Liswood and published in 2009 by Wiley. Laura Liswood is Secretary General of the Council of Women World Leaders, which is composed of 72 women presidents, prime ministers, and heads of government. which she co-founded in August 1996 with President Vigdís Finnbogadóttir…

Book of the Day – Gamify

Today’s Book of the Day is Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things, written by Brian Burke and published in 2014 by Routledge. Brian Burke is an international expert in enterprise architecture at Gartner, where he developed research in fields like gamification, innovation management, and IT strategy. I have re-read this book in…

Holistic approaches

Holistic approaches to our personal and professional lives are the simplest and most effective ones, yet many try to deal with just one aspect of their issues.


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