Today’s Book of the Day is The Power Of One More, written by Ed Mylett in 2022 and published by Wiley.

Ed Mylett is a successful entrepreneur who writes and talks about his experience, mixing it with highly effective, practical strategies. Over the years, he has been involved in several tech, real estate, medical, and food ventures, and his success led him to be named in the SUCCESS 125 list of the most influential leaders in 2022.

The power of one more, by Ed Mylett

I have chosen this book because happiness has always been one of my favorite coaching and consulting topics, and I wanted to learn more about this specific approach by Mylett.

The core idea of the book is that, at any given moment in your life, you are just one more intentional thought and action away from changing your life for the best and start achieving the success you deserve.

In The Power of One More, Ed Mylett puts together his more than 30 years of experience as a coach and entrepreneur – he helped top athletes, entertainers, and business executives, among others – and shares easy to follow, yet extremely powerful strategies to make this extra step you are missing.

In a certain way, this book can be seen as a guide to the design of your own journey toward the concrete achievement of the goals you have been working on by using the gifts you already have inside you, with no need to search for any external ones.

Mylett describes how you could achieve your goals by coordinating your thoughts and your actions, so as to be in a continuous improvement cycle.
The author also introduces you to his unique concepts like

  • Impossibility Thinking and Possibility Achieving
  • Living in Your Matrix
  • Equanimity
  • Faith and Prayers
  • Embracing inconvenience

I appreciate the idea of dividing your journey into a series of “one more” steps. If you look at a distant goal, you may become afraid of such a long stretch from where you are now. But if you divide that path into finite, achievable, and measurable steps made of both intentional decisions and concrete actions, you will be walking at your natural pace, yet achieving your success.

Another plus of the book is that Mylett’s style is based on a non-judgmental approach and his advice is more practical than theoretical. His strategies can be adopted by everyone willing to commit to self-improvement.

As an author myself of self-development and self-help books, I recommend this one, as I find Mylett’s approach effective and stimulating.


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