Today’s Book of the Day is Working Hard, Hardly Working, written by Grace Beverley in 2021 and published by Hutchinson.

Grace Beverley is London’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year (NatWest GBEA) and founder of sustainable style brand TALA and fitness tech brand Shreddy. As a very successful female entrepreneur, she has more than 1.5 million followers online. By the age of just twenty-three, she has been named first in Forbes’ 30-under-30 retail and e-commerce list, graduated from Oxford University, and attained a Sustainable Business accreditation from Harvard Business School.

Working Hard, Hardly Working by Grace Beverley

I have chosen this book because I was talking with one person a couple of days ago, who was telling me that he always overworks, he is always stressed, and he feels overwhelmed by all the things he has to do. As I read this book in 2022, I told him about the book and shared my ideas about how to work less but smartly.

In her book, the self-proclaimed ‘lazy workaholic’ Grace Beverley shows that the idea of working endless hours is both useless and unnecessary. As an entrepreneur, she offers her readers a smart point of view on how to better organize one’s routing so as to be more productive, more effective, and feel fulfilled in what one does while, at the same, spending less precious time and finding a better life balance.

Since where I was I child I have been always in the same mindset. You have to better organize your work, find the most efficient ways to do it, and reduce your load to achieve more. And that’s what this engaging book is all about: reclaiming our life by reducing the amount of work we do while at the same time increasing the things we accomplish.

The book is divided into two parts, as the title itself suggests.

The first part is the one about working hard. In it, the author invites the readers to find their own definition of success. This own definition is what one needs to become aware of one’s true purpose and how to identify where one is with respect to it. Beverly also shares some effective productivity tips and tips on getting the mindset and attitude that best will serve one’s life.

The second part is, obviously, the one about “hardly working” and is the part that contains the real core of the book, where the author helps the readers in their understanding about the need to find their own idea of being productive, finding a good life balance, fostering self-care, and also defining what one really needs and wants so to stop with the vicious circle of “wanting it all”.

I have found this book smartly written, and I think it’s a good point to start one’s life-long journey into setting oneself free to achieve the life one wants and deserves.


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