Today’s Book of the Day is The Tao of Love, written by Ivan Hoffman in 1992 and published by Prima Lifestyles.

Ivan Hoffman is an expert in Taoism and an author.

The Tao of Love – Ivan Hoffman

I have chosen this book as … well, because today is Valentine’s Day.

The Tao of Love is a small book that has the power to change forever, positively, your understanding of love. It is a powerful journey into the spiritual principles of love, and how these principles can become our own way of life.

As the title suggests, Hoffman draws upon the wisdom of Taoism, an ancient Eastern philosophy, to show the readers the many different facets of love. The book also shows how every kind of human relationship, from personal to universal, can be based on love.

Hoffman suggests that love is not just a mere feeling or an engaging emotion, but rather a way of being, living, and behaving in this world. By becoming aware and then fostering a deeper understanding of the spiritual principles that build love, we can then transform the way we start and develop our relationships. This, in change, will let us live more fulfilling lives.

Throughout the book, Hoffman shares a wealth of insights and practical guidance for anyone seeking to deepen this awareness, this renewed discovery of love so as to improve their relationships. There are also some practical exercises and practices that readers can use to develop compassion, empathy, and kindness in their interactions with others.

Love, as a way of life, begins from within, this is one of the key points of this book.

So Hoffman starts with self-love to build up readers’ understanding of the meaning of unconditional love. Yet, the style of the author is simple, direct, and concise yet engaging, getting the point by mixing together spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.

All of this is used by Hoffman to share with the readers an important message: as we are one with the universe, we have an unlimited amount of love we can feel and share. To do it, we must set ourselves free from the need to control, learn to trust ourselves and others, and let go of everything that is not embracing this path.

Overall, “The Tao of Love” is a deeply insightful and inspiring book that will resonate with anyone who is seeking to deepen their understanding of love and relationships. Whether you are in a committed relationship, or simply seeking to cultivate more love and compassion in your life, this book is sure to offer valuable insights and guidance that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.


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