How could one not be amazed by and thankful for such a stunning gift from the Universe?

Red Dawn – Photo by Raffaello Palandri

10 thoughts on “Photography Of The Day – Red Dawn

  1. Wow, the red dawn! A red color all over the city. Two strong colors, red and black. Wide screen view. I am looking at the smoke, Raffaello! I think that it’s not from industries, am I right? I think that it’s caused by house chimneys.
    Very beautiful, my dear friend. Have a nice weekend.

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    1. We have a very similar one in Italian: “Rosso di sera bel tempo si spera, rosso di mattina maltempo si avvicina” – which could be translated as “Red sky at night, good weather in sight, Red sky in the morning, bad weather is coming”

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  2. So many of these expressions which we think are unique to our own particular culture are actually quite international. I’ve come across similar examples whilst working as an intercultural trainer and coach in Japan.

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    1. You are absolutely right!
      It also happened to me when I started traveling while learning languages and working abroad. The metaphors we use are quite similar all around the globe, at least to a certain extent.


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