Samhain Sona Dhut – Happy Samhain!

Samhain is a pagan Gaelic festival that marks the transition of summer into winter and is traditionally held on the night of 31st October (and this is because the Celtic day began and ended at sunset), the last day of the harvest, and during November 1st.
Samhain was celebrated in Scotland, Ireland, and on the Isle of Man.

Samhain Celebration – image taken from Internet

At Samhain, the cattle were brought down from their fields and slaughtered for the winter. Bonfires were lit during the night to cleanse and protect from evil spirits.

The belief is that during Samhain it is easier to cross between the boundaries of this and the Otherworld, and therefore Aos Si (the spirits) could enter into the living world. For this reason, people left out food and drink as an offer to these spirits, thus ensuring both the people and their livestock survive the winter.

Samhain is one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals: together with Imbolc (1 February), Beltane (1 May) and Lughnasa (1 August). Samhain and Bealtaine are the most important celebrations, as they mark the crossing between light and darkness, winter and summer.

Samhain Symbol

This evening, turn on one (or more candles) and let them burn so as to help the transition of your home’s Energy from its Summer to Winter state.
While turning the candle on, think of it as a beacon to guide all the spirits so they may see what’s ahead and leave your place in peace, leaving just their love and Energy.
Then, leave some food (even some nuts are ok) and drink in front of the candle overnight, remembering those who are no longer here, speaking their names out loud, and thanking them for being part of your life (or lineage, or both).

Take some time to celebrate life in contrast to death, stop and introspect.

Become aware of the time, of the seasons, of how our entire being, body, mind, and soul, is intertwined with the Universe. Feel this connection and be grateful for it.

Now it’s the time of the year to understand the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The time to grow.

This day is meant to let us balance our Energy, calibrating it in resonance with Nature’s Energy. Now it is when to be aware, express, and develop our true being and wholeness, filling ourselves with joy and gratitude, and making our propositions for growth and improvement.

2 thoughts on “Samhain Sona Dhut!

  1. Staying up late, just me and my jackie’o’, acting as a beacon for spirits apparently. My offerings are chana masala and Disaronno. Hopefully it doesn’t burn the house down if I fall asleep with it still lit. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am sure your offerings will be appreciated (I would appreciate them, as well …). About the candle, be on the safe side! There are no issues if the candles are long enough to stay lit overnight. In doubt, don’t leave them unattended.


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