Today’s Book of the Day is Peace from Anxiety written by Hala Khouri and published in 2021 by Shambala Publications.

Hala Khouri, MA, is a therapist, yoga teacher, and somatic experiencing practitioner. She is one of the founders of Off the Mat and Into the World, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging yoga and activism, founded in 2007.
She teaches workshops on resilience, anxiety, trauma, and social justice.

Peace from Anxiety by Hala Khouri

I read this book being a Yoga teacher and a holistic coach myself, to learn more about Hala Khouri’s approach. And, I was absolutely amazed by her way to deal with anxiety without hiding from the hard times, the challenges, and the struggles that most of us face in today’s hectic world.

Everyone is facing stress and anxiety, yet for some of us, the struggle is overwhelming to the point where one can no longer get out of those negative feelings and emotions. This means that some are bringing on their shoulders the heavy burden of unresolved issues, which increases anxiety, in a vicious cycle.

Suffering is the reality that many people face today, in a society that is demanding, pressing, and even pushing us toward our boundaries.

Peace from Anxiety makes an excellent job of helping the reader find the roots of the issue and understand the underlying mechanism so that one could start working to break the negative cycle.

Hala Khouri shows the readers, also those who are not Yoga practitioners, how to get rid of negative habits, mindsets, and attitudes so as to transform one’s life. She proposes an easy, effective, regenerating route to healing.

The author explores the nervous and biological roots of stress and the effect of anxiety on our bodies and minds. She reminds the reader about the need of listening to our body so as to become aware of the negative effects of stress and anxiety.
The book is packed with practical tools for releasing stress while being mindfully present during what causes discomfort. This also means talking about difficulties, trauma, relationships, and dealing with the working world’s pressing requests.

This is one of those books that can help one to rediscover our holistic nature, our being all different in being all equal, our being all connected, and that we share the same universal energy. Our bodies, minds, and souls are connected and interdepend with the world we live in, and we have to become aware of that to heal.

What I appreciated most in this book is the idea, which I fully support, having been sharing it for more than 25 years, that there is a social commitment towards a holistic well-being and healing that we have to take, in order to create a better society for all of us.

I definitely recommend this book!


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