Today’s recommendation as Book Of The Day is Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies, an excellent book by Dr. Leon Hammer (a world-renowned expert in TCM) about Psychology and Chinese Medicine.

Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies, by Leon Hammer, M.D.

The book has been published by RITTENHOUSE BOOK DISTRIBUTORS in 2005, as a revised edition of the original book, published in 1991.

The reader is presented with the rich holistic healing system that is behind Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture, herbal remedies, and the holistic diagnostics method used in TCM rely on the comprehension of the deep interconnection between body, mind, and spirit in their interactions with the Universe, its energy, and its matter.

In this framework, men are seen in their complete form, and their individual integrity and energetic balance.

Leon Hammer, a physician, psychiatrist, and practitioner of Chinese medicine presents in this book a new model for TCM‘s traditional healers, based on what the author calls the five phase (element) system, bringing evidence that the Chinese approach is both a spiritual and a physical one.

The book is aimed at people with some previous knowledge of the matter, even if, in my opinion, it could be read and appreciated by everyone interested.

The key point of the book is the awareness that a proper balance of the vital energy of the human being is the key to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Disease, from this point of view, is the result of poor response of our holistic being against unbalanced energy.


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