Today’s Book Of The Day is Qi Gong, by Yves Requena.

I am reading the German version, in the edition by Goldmann Verlag, dated 1992, after having read the original French version in 1990 (Qi Gong – gymnastique chinoise de santé et longévité).

The author of the book is the French Doctor Yves Requena, a known specialist in Acupuncture (he teaches acupuncture at the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille) and one of the pioneers of Qi Gong in France and in Europe.

Qi Gong, Yves Requena

In 1989, the year of the first publishing of this book, Dr. Requena founded the first Qi Gong school in Europe, the European Institute of Qi Gong, and since then he dedicates part of his activity to studying and teaching Qi Gong.

In this book Dr. Requena explains why Qi Gong, a holistic practice based on Chinese traditions, is ideal to improve one’s vitality and achieve a happy, healthy, and long life.

The book requires no previous knowledge or experience in Qi Gong, so the exercises described in it are suitable for everyone, regardless of their age and sex.

Qi Gong works on Qi, our vital, basic energy, that we share with the Universe. We need to keep our Qi balanced if we want to avoid illness, stress, and issues. Our Qi can be depleted during our personal and professional life due to worries, negative emotions, wrong mindsets and behaviors, pollution, bad sleep, improper eating, and so on.

Qi Gong is extremely effective in bringing us back to a balanced status using a series of exercises that combines body movements with breathing techniques, mental concentration, and awareness of our spirit.

The practice is easy yet powerful enough to bring results in a short time. Qi Gong is considered one of the cultural treasures in China.

So, if you are curious about this discipline, or if you want to feel better, healthy, and fit, simply read this book and start your inner journey into a practice that will help you in every aspect of your life.

Become more creative, more efficient, more fit, reinforce your health, improve your lifestyle, and grow your personal awareness. All this can be achieved with constant and committed practice.

As the founder of the MMQG (Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong) holistic method I can of course be a first eye witness to the benefits of Qi Gong in our lives. This book is an excellent introduction to this amazing practice.

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