From today, I will start sharing the books I am reading.

Being an avid reader – I read about 150 books per year since when I am 17 – I would like to share with you this passion of mine.

The book I am reading (it’s kinda my third time, actually…) is “Chinese Medicine – The web that has no waiver” written by Ted J. Kaptchuk. The book was written in 1983, and this is the 2000 revised edition by Rider.

Chinese Medicine – The Web That Has No Waiver by Ted J. KAPTCHUK

Ted Jack Kaptchuk (born August 17, 1947) is an American medical researcher, an expert in TCM and acupuncture, and a professor of medicine, global health, and social medicine at Harvard Medical School.

This book is a classic guide about the theory and practice of TCMTraditional Chinese Medicine, that taught me quite a lot, together with the excellent books of Giovanni Maciocia.

I found this book in a bookstall during a walk. A very fortunate find, I must say!

The book represents a perfect introduction or a good reminder of the principles of TCM for everyone who wants to have almost all the key points in one single book.

The Web That Has No Weaver does an excellent job explaining the elements of TCM with very straightforward language that, not giving up on precision, remains plain and well-readable. The main differences between TCM and Western medicine are well explained and the author remains objective in stating the advantages of both methodologies.

An essential advantage of this book is that one requires no previous knowledge of TCM or Eastern philosophy and culture to appreciate the book and discover how beautiful is Chinese Medicine.

A must-read!!


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