Managing should be inclusive way more than hierarchical or controlling. When everyone feels as an active part of a whole, amazing things can be achieved.

I see it quite often, in my business coaching and consulting job: managers who still believe that their job is to have people under their supervision, control, and command.

Yet, these same managers complain about the fact that their employees and their teams do not improve, that the best talents flee, and that nobody seems to be happy in their company.

The point is that in today’s professional environment, management should be intended as an inclusion tool. A tool that will foster and promote a holistic, distributed feeling of belonging, a greater awareness of the purpose, the meaning, the impact of one’s job, a deeper understanding of the vision, mission, and culture of the company, and finally, a shared commitment to delivering higher quality to the customers with the products and services that the company can provide.

And you? Are you inclusive, in your business?


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