To fully enjoy our relationships, we should avoid negative attachment, while being committed, involved, trusting, respectful, empathic, caring, and loving.

This is a delicate matter, I am aware of that. A number of people cannot think about their relationships without associating them with attachment.

Yet, attachment is a negative bond. It’s the part of a relationship that in the long run could create divisions, pain, and suffering.

Loving means, to me, freedom, trust, and mutual respect. Love means leaving space to the other person so that they can fully express themselves.

Like when you love a flower: if you take it with you, you will kill it. The only way to show your love is to leave it to grow and thrive by caring for it.

Relationships are essential for our lives, intimate, personal, and professional ones. Being aware of how to let them grow is helpful and shows how much we care about them.

And you? Which is your approach to a relationship?


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