Stress today is one of the most frequent reasons for employees to call sick days.

Also, stress is a (not so silent) killer: it causes directly or indirectly several illnesses such as heart problems, blood pressure issues, digestive issues, skin or hair issues, and sexual dysfunction, just to name some.

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Yet, our being has an extremely powerful solution to control stress: awareness.

Once we are aware of stress, and once we become aware of the negative effect it has on our bodies, minds, and spirits. then we can effectively fight it.

And to fight stress, we have several options like as: meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, mild physical activity, developing a hobby, walking in nature, and helping others.

Personally, I practice meditation, mindfulness, and some Qi Gong, Yoga, and Tai Chi Chuan every single day, allotting specific time for this practice in my routine (all of these exercises, specifically adapted by me in more than 25 years of experience, are called MMQG).

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So, practically, we can start by developing awareness.

How do we do that? Controlling our mind and body by listening to them, by observing them, by remembering that we are not our thoughts, we are not our fears, we are not our stress.

It all depends on how we react which makes the difference. Stress is a natural reaction of our system when it deals with external factors that we feel are not under control. When our reaction becomes excessive, stress becomes dangerous and negative.

I have been supporting people and businesses in managing stress, growing awareness, and finding healthier solutions for years, and I have seen that all it takes is the will to act instead of reacting,

By choosing to act, we also set ourselves free from the adverse effects of stress.

And you? How do you deal with stress in your personal and professional life?


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