Today I want to share with you a simple to try, yet effective meditation exercise, based on hope, to promote healing.

The whole exercise lasts about 10 minutes, and you can do it whenever you feel the need to recenter yourself, or to heal yourself from the negative effects of criticism, fear, rejection, stress, and anxiety.

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When you are ready to start, find a safe, calm, and silent place where to meditate, and wear comfortable clothes (or unbutton your tie, trousers, and everything too tight).

Sit comfortably or lie down and start breathing deeply, with your belly, inhaling from your nose and exhaling from your mouth. Your eyes can be both open or closed, as you feel it better.

Enjoy each breath. Appreciate the process of breathing, feel the air entering your lungs and then leaving them. Be thankful and joyful for this feeling and for the energy you are exchanging with the Universe through your breath.
Breathe in expanding your belly and breathe out contracting it, simply and gently. At every breath relax your body a little more.
Be fully present in what you do, be your breath.
Free your mind from all the burdens, and prepare to bring into your being new energy, that will cleanse you up from the inside.

Be your breath

After 10 full breaths, turn your awareness to your thoughts and feelings.
Be aware of them, watch them and notice how you are not your thoughts or your feelings.
At every expiration, send out with your breath any unpleasant thoughts, sensations, or feelings. Imagine that a fresh wind wipes out the clouds from the sky above your body. Remove all that doesn’t serve you any longer, and stop carrying the burden of these thoughts, feelings, and prejudices.
Inhale fresh air, filled with energy and hope.
Use that energy and hope as the vital essence that will heal and nourish your whole being, body, mind, and soul.
Open your being, your entire being, broaden your horizons, and embrace the healing effect of your breaths.

Heal and nourish your whole being, body, mind, and soul through your conscious breathing.

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Now, after having emptied your mind, repeat these affirmations:

I can become aware of the suffering I am into.
Once I will be aware of the suffering, I can heal from it.
I can create my own definition of happiness, success, fulfillment, and purpose.
I can become aware of who I really am, what I really want, and why I do things the way I do them
I will get rid of all limiting thoughts, behaviors, mindsets, attitudes
I will set myself free to achieve the life I want and deserve
I commit to restoring my holistic well-being.
I will fill my being with compassion, commitment, and love.
I welcome awareness. I welcome hope.

I am thankful for the calmness and the joy I can feel.
I will start a life-long journey into understanding myself.

I commit to learning every day something, so as to better help myself and others.
I forgive myself for the errors I made, consciously and unconsciously.
I will get rid of the burden of those errors and will bring with me just what I learned from them.
I commit to avoiding things that are nurturing my being.
I will create space and time in my daily routine to welcome study, learning, meditation, training, self-care, and self-improvement.
I will embrace and welcome acceptance, openness, broader horizons, and change.
I will holistically take care of and heal my body, my mind, and my soul. I will be aware that every moment in this present life is a new chance to grow.

I will let go of anger, stress, fears, doubts, and self-limiting patterns. I will be free from the pain.
I will honor my efforts, my commitment, and my journey.
I will set myself free by choosing my actions instead of being a slave to my reactions.

I accept that there are no negative or positive events, but just individual reactions to them. It’s up to me to choose what to do.
I will open my heart to love. Love for all the living creatures. Love for the environment. Love for the Universe and its Energy.

I am thankful to the Universe for the Energy I am made of.
I will learn to become aware, use, and balance my Energy.
I will get back to my life improved, healed, and more aware.

After having said these affirmations, make three full deep breathes and stand up with your feet spread at shoulder width. Join your hands and bow three times, inhaling when you rise and exhaling when you bow down.
Now you can get back to your normal activities.

Let me know if you tried the meditation exercise and if it helped you as it always helps me!


6 thoughts on “A Meditation Exercise To Promote Healing

  1. I take serious notice about this exercise, Raffaello. I follow the first part of it with the breath and i have to say that i feel a little bit better.
    Thank you my friend for your help.

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  2. Nice to see and use a different process. The NHS started a course called ACT (Activate Your Life). Myself and two other nurses presented it to the local community for four years (twice a year) over a four weekly /2 hours each week programme. Feedback on the Mindfulness part of that programme was very much a successful part. I believe it was both due to the fact that the three of us believed and practiced it’s therapeutic values already. Also, that it is an amazing and self satisfying activity to undertake. You are taking health and well being into your own control. So we were keen to present and share it’s value. Here, you have highlighted and explained beautifully a very valuable and thoughtful therapy window for well being. To be used again and again. Especially welcome after the last few years we have all experienced. A huge Thank You for sharing this. All the best.

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