Sometimes we complain about our internet connection speed at home. Yet, researchers all over the world work to increase the speed of data transfer on the net, and in Japan, they have reached crazy speeds!

In fact, a team of engineers in Japan has set, in November 2021, a new world record for fastest internet speed reaching a whooping 319 terabits per second (Tb/s).

This means, should you have the average home internet speed in the US (i.e. 42 megabits per second), you could download as many as 79750 movies (at 4 GB each) in just one second.

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The new record speed, set by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, is two times faster than the previous one.

To establish the new speed record, the researchers used a fiber-optic infrastructure that already exists, with some specific, advanced boost. The research team used four “cores” of fiber instead of the conventional one.

The signals were then broken down into several wavelengths sent at the same time, using the WDM (wavelength-division multiplexing) technique.

The setup of the system used for the record begins the transmission with a 552-channel comb laser that undergo a dual-polarization modulation. The data, after being amplified through process called Raman amplification, are being transmitted at a distance of more than 3000 Km (1800 miles) at the final speed of 319 Tb/s.

The amazing thing is that the record has been set using standard fiber optic cables and technology that is easily replicable. This suggests that the method used to reach this record could have positive deployments in the near future in the way, and speed, we all use the internet.

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