Good news for all the film-loving fellows: CineStill is launching a new color film, the 400Dynamic in 35 and 120 formats.

The Californian company has reached its goal to fund the creation and sale of these new film formats, which will offer the photographers a “versatile color film for daylight” with an ISO sensibility of 400.

CInestill 400Dynamic – photo by CineStill

So, let’s get ready to use this film on our cameras in both 35 and 120 formats!

3 thoughts on “CineStill is making a new color film

  1. Oh nice! Very nice! I have told you Rafaello that i have and old ZENIT CCCP camera! with focus 50 mm. I’m thinking to re-use it? Is it a good idea? You inspired me with a lot of ideas.
    Good night dear Raffaello.

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    1. Dear Giannis, film cameras, if still working, are fun and amazing to use. The two things you have to check if you want to start using film again are film availability and film developing service in your area.
      To be sincere, today a roll of 35mm color film from Kodak (like a Kodak Gold 200) is about 7€. So of course, you should also consider this, when you shoot film. I see that developing at home my negatives, I can save some money. Otherwise, a 36 photo roll costs (roll+development+CD/print) 12 to 15 euro in Germany. In Italy somewhat more. In Greece, I do not have an idea.
      Yet, the satisfaction to use an old film camera is huge!

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      1. We have stopped using clasical film cameras, Raffaello, before 2000. So, i don’t know anything about film in our market. I have to cheque it again. It will be interesting and i take it in my mind. But, things are getting very bad in economy here and a new crisis is in front of the gates for the people. We ‘ll see my friend.

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