Alchemy is a lifelong learning process.

In alchemy, transformation is essential, as it is in our life.

Azoth is considered the essential agent of transformation in alchemy. It is the ancient name given by alchemists to mercury, the animating spirit, the Universal Solvent, the Universal Cure, the elixir vitae (Elixir of Life).

Azoth is a term coming from Medieval Latin, an alteration of azoc, being originally derived from the Arabic اَلزَّاوُوق (al-zā’būq – “the mercury”)

The Azoth is said to embody and represent all medicines and the first principles of all other substances or energies hidden in all matters and substances that make transmutation possible.

It is also relatable to the light or the energy of nature and the mind of God.

Azoth –  from Azoth of the Philosophers by the German alchemist Basil Valentine, 1659

In our lives, we need some energy to promote change, we need to find our primary purpose, we also need to understand who we really, what we really want.

And, to get this awareness, we need to involve our full being: our bodies, minds, and souls, using meditation as a tool to transcend the limits of the lower layers of awakening.

All in the Universe is intertwined, all the knowledge, the understanding, the energy in all its different forms.

We need to get to a point where we no longer feel like an isolated monad but, instead, as a part of an endless whole, contributing to it with our individual set of specific traits.

Do you see know why Alchemy is also a part of what I practice, study, and teach?

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