A healer is not someone who takes away your pain and disease.
A true healer awakens your ability to heal yourself

This is an idea that I often share with the people I help in my coaching practice, or with Tantra or Holistic practices: I am not someone who removes something bad from you. Rather, I am someone who awakens your own holistic ability to heal yourself by balancing your Energy and understanding what is harming you.

Without your cooperation, there is no healing process.

Without growing awareness and understanding, there will be no growth or improvement.

What I do, when I am healing you is enable you. It’s a process that involves communication, trust, love, caring, gratitude.

Yet, it is also a practice that requires commitment from your side. And responsibility, and ownership.

Being healed is something that will necessarily involve your whole being, your body, mind, and soul.

I am the person who can help you in finding again the reasons for your wellness and in balancing your Energy so that you will improve and heal yourself.

To do that, I will use one of many possible tools: Coaching, Tantra, MMQG (Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong), Reiki, Kundalini or Pranic Practices, Breathing Exercises. We will work together in finding what is more effective for you.

To heal, trust me and awaken yourself.

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