I am honored to be a Guest Lecturer for the School of Arts and Design, Woxsen University, tomorrow.

My live webinar will be about the Holistic Development of Students.

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This webinar aims at giving students the tools to better focus on their education, become aware and develop their creativity, and improve their personal, academic, future professional lives.

Holistic development is the best approach for a student, as it allows complete growth in the different kinds of Intelligence, creating the ground for a successful, purposeful, fulfilling life.

The School of Arts and Design, Woxsen University is based in Hyderabad, India.

Formed by 4 constituent schools – Woxsen School of Business, Woxsen School of Technology, Woxsen School of Arts & Design and Woxsen School of Architecture & Planning, the University offers Undergraduate & Postgraduate programs pivoted around research & experiential learning.

Located in an impressive 200-acre campus in Hyderabad, Woxsen University offers programs focused entirely on developing entrepreneurial thinking and action. Woxsen’s infrastructure and resources nurture innovation and its vast network of business leaders and investors mentor students through their journey.

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