Welcome to another post of the series: “You ask, I answer“.

Today’s question is: “What does it mean that we need to holistically foster our bodies, minds, and souls, so as to be one?

That’s a really important question, so I am happy to give you a more detailed answer.

We all are made by a body, mind, and soul. Yet, we often take care of the need of just one or two of these parts of our being.

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

This, as it’s easy to imagine, creates an unbalanced life that before or later takes its toll on us, often in forms we are not even aware of (think about stress, limiting behaviors, mindsets, attitudes, and so on).

So, as the body’s needs are different from the mind’s and soul’s ones, we need to give each of them exactly what they need.

This could mean practicing mild physical activity taking care of our wellness, diet, and sleep quality while meditating, practicing mindfulness, studying, learning, and so on.

For our soul, I here mean the sum of the things that makes us unique, the things that allow us to understand who we are, what we want, why we do things the way we do them. Even our soul, in this sense, needs specific care. This can be taking some time for developing ourselves, to practice a hobby, to help others.

Photo by Jonas Ferlin on Pexels.com

As a coach, a guide, a healer, I deal with this misalignment between the three components of our being that represents the struggle of many people every single day.

Once we learn to bring all of these three parts working as one, the positive effect is larger than the pure sum of the elements.

So, this means being one: living in a way that fosters our bodies, minds, and souls according to their individual and specific needs so to promote their oneness. This oneness, will be always be larger than the pure sum of the three parts our being is composed of.

The Yourself, Understood Coaching Method and its companion practice, MMQG, are 100% holistic and have been developed to help you get rid of all your limiting thoughts, behaviors, mindsets by taking care in the way that’s most right for your unique needs of your body, mind, and soul.

Contact me to start your inner journey!

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