Tantra is the practice of transcending the limits of this tangible world to start our awakening towards Satyaloka / Brahmaloka, the highest levels of our existence.

Under the expert guidance of a Tantra Master, you will learn how you can discover, grow, and drive your Kundalini to attain upper levels of awareness.

May be an image of text that says "+7: Satyaloka +6: Tapoloka +5: Janaloka +4: Maharloka +3: Svarloka +2: Bhuvarloka +1: Bhurloka Sahasrara (crown) Ajna (3rd eye) Vishuddhi (throat) Anahata (heart) -1: Atala Manipura (solar plexus) Svadhisthana (navel) Muladhara (root) 2: Vitala 3: Sutala -4: Talatala -5: Rasatala Mahatala -7: Patala"

Brahmaloka / Satyaloka is the highest of the joyful, happy, and fulfilling worlds a person might attain.

Tantra is one of the most straightforward practice to reach the level of Satyaloka.

Contact me to start your journey into your better life using a universal language of love.

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