You can also find, on my #etsy shop the Unleash Your Full Potential in 8 weeks offer: 


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Unleash Your Full Potential in 8 weeks!

Stop self-sabotaging, get rid of self-limiting mindsets, behaviors, attitudes. Get yourself free to achieve what you deserve in your personal and professional life.

Enrolling to this coaching you will receive:

  • 1 introductory call (Skype / WhatsApp / Messenger …) of 30′ to make an initial assessment and determine the goals of your coaching.
  • 4 calls (Skype / WhatsApp / Messenger …), one every 2 weeks, of 50′ each to check your progress and discuss your next steps.
  • 1 final call (Skype / WhatsApp / Messenger …) at the end of the coaching, of 30′ to assess the results and to decide your next steps.
  • PDF files with assessment and tools.
  • 1 copy of my book.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group.
  • Lifetime access to the updates of the materials.

Following this short coaching sessions, you will get many positive outcomes, like as (but not limited to):

  • Gaining self-confidence.
  • Understanding your own values
  • Setting goals, creating plans to achieve them
  • Feeling and using your energy.

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