A few days ago, I published a thought:

We cannot pretend to grow taking care just of one part of us. We must foster and grow holistically, with our bodies, minds, souls.

I received several emails and private messages since, from people who were asking me how could they practically grow in a holistic way.

And, as always, when you ask, I answer!

Sometimes we are tempted to try growing with just one of our being’s aspects.

So, there are people who train their body intensively, who take care of themselves eating well, going to the gym. Yet, all this physical training and care leave out their mind and their soul.

Some others try to learn everything they can, spending hours studying, reading, creating new knowledge, and trying to use their mind to explain everything, but in this way, they don’t listen to their bodies’ needs nor foster their spiritual side.

Also, there are people who are always into their spiritual growth, trying to do all it takes to awaken, but they don’t realize that you need to bring your body and your mind with you, in this life’s journey.

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

So, how can you effectively grow in a holistic way?

How can you learn which is the best way to address the needs of all the three components of your being?

To grow as a complete human being all it takes is taking proper care of your body, keeping it in good health, eating well, exercising without excess, sleeping properly.

You also need to learn, to think, to study so to understand who you really are and what you really want. You also want to discover why you do things the way you do. You do want to provide your mind with the same quality food you give to your body, don’t you?

Add to these two things the life-long quest for your spiritual connection with the Universal energy, the source of all. You need to listen to your spiritual needs, you need to discover your purpose, your call, your gifts. You also need to learn that as we all equal, in our being all different, we also need to help, teach, guide, heal those who come asking for our help.

Only when you understand that you are made by the same energy of the universe, applied in three different forms: body, mind, and soul, you will start growing, building up awareness, compassion, and commitment.

All of these things will lead you towards awakening.

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