Many people ask me what I do, in practice, when I say that I can immediately balance my energy, and yours, with simple yet effective practices.

So, I decided to write this post to give just a short list of activities that you can do from now, with no side effect, with no stress, to immediately start feeling more balanced.

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The 10 things that you can do now

Practice MMQG

MMQG is a holistic practice encompassing meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong that has been developed by Raffaello Palandri back in 1995. The practice is now used as the perfect, complementary tool to use in conjunction with the Yourself, Understood Coaching. MMQG allows you to find, develop, and grow the energy exchange between the three components of your being: your body, mind, and soul.

Meditation has permanent positive effects in enhancing our brain’s frontal lobe, the more developed part of our brain, linked to abstract thinking, cognitive reasoning, problem solving, but also responsible for our creativity and positivity. Meditation is highly effective in helping you getting rid of stress by creating a diffuse, persistent, holistic sense of well-being. Even as little as 5 minutes of daily meditation can have a positive impact on our health.

Mindfulness, a practice that has its roots in Buddhism, helps you steering your thoughts away from your usual stressing processes and behaviors, bringing them toward the awareness of the moment. Professor Emeritus Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder and former director of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, is globally recognized as one of the fathers of the practice of mindfulness and his works demonstrated that this practice improves both physical and psychological symptoms, having positive impact on wellness, well-being, mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors.

Qi Gong is a key component of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) encompassing and combining movement, meditation, and regulation of breathing to enhance the flow of qi (universal vital energy) in the body. Qi Gong exercises involve the balancing and the restoration of the flow of qi in the meridian system, the same that is used in acupuncture, as well as controlling and directing the mind, deeply breathing during movement, and expanding our spiritual side. When body, mind, and soul are stimulated together by the same exercise, the benefits of that exercise increase. Qi Gong reduces stress and anxiety, builds stamina and reinforces the muscles and the bones, increases vitality and well-being, enhances the immune system, improves cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions, finally, it also improves sexual health.


Being conscious means essentially becoming aware of what you are doing, thinking, feeling. Once you grow this awareness, you can use it to balance your energy, or raise your vibration by choosing an action or thought pattern you want to practice.

Also, being conscious lets you become aware of your being different in being equal to everyone else, of your being sharing the same energy of the Universe, of your being interconnected to all the other beings.

There are many ways to practice consciousness, and I will list some of the most common here:

  • meditation
  • mindfulness
  • awareness
  • breathing
  • choose how you speak to yourself and to others
  • select activities where you can be fully aware of what you are doing
  • practice spirituality
  • use mantra
  • help people
  • heal people


You will be surprised how powerful for your energy is practicing gratefulness at least once a day. There are multiple ways to practice gratitude and of course the best thing is that you spend some time to choose what works best for you. 

To start, I suggest you taking a gratitude journal. Create the habit of taking your journal early in the morning and before sleeping. Write down three to five things you are currently grateful for, whatever they are, mundane or serious. 
Focus on what you’re good at, what you like about where you live, goals you have achieved, and your advantages and opportunities.  
Add also gratitude notes for all the people you think you need to be thankful to.

This practice will quickly balance your Qi and boost your happiness. The only thing you need to take care of is to be open minded and open hearted. 

Deep Breathing

The first thing we do when we are born and the last one when we die is breathing.

Breathe in. Breathe out. 

That’s all you need, and that’s exactly what you do all over your lives. Yet, you often don’t think about breathing. Check how you are breathing now. Superficially or deeply? Only using the upper part of your lungs or also involving your diaphragm and abdominal msucles?

Well, the best thing you can do in your life is deep breathing. Deep breathing is one of the most effective, easiest, most convenient tools to balance your energy, to raise your vibration, to get rid of stress and anxiety, to reduce pain, high blood pressure and improve our sexual activity.

Here are a few science-backed benefits of deep breathing:

  • Decreases stress, anxiety, fears
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves concentration
  • Fosters creativity
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Improves brain activity
  • Improves immunity
  • Increases energy
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves your sexual life
  • Helps support correct posture

Deep breathing is something that is unnatural for your body to do, so just like learning any new skill, it takes practice! Try to incorporate at least one deep breathing exercise each day, like the ones you find in MMQG.

Order and Clean Spaces

As we are working to balance our Qi, our Life Force Energy, we need to take into account that Qi not only flows within us, but also in the space around us. Naturally, the more aligned and clear our Qi is, the more our outer environment should reflect that.

We need to keep an orderly and clean living and workspace.

This allows Qi to flow organically and in harmony with your surroundings and to/from us. Our physical surroundings are a visible and tangible reflection of our mood. So, that’s the reason why we should create an harmonic, peaceful and joyful environment that fosters positive energies. Unclutter and let go of things that no longer serve you and allow high vibrations and abundance to flow through you.

Here are some suggestions you can follow:

  • Keep your entryway/entrance free, uncluttered, and clean! Sweep the porch, clean the door(s) and windows, add a welcoming wreath, a clean mat, some plants.
  • Keep some plants inside of your space to clean and purify both the energy and the air.
  • Declutter your living and working spaces! Get rid of what you don’t use. Clutter causes energy to get stuck, and we can’t receive it if there’s no space for the new to flow in.
  • Tighten up those leaky faucets.
  • Replace burned out lightbulbs.
  • Clean all your mirrors and stove. We consume the energy lingering around these areas, so it’s important to freshen them up.


Even one single act of kindness can change, for good, your day. Giving without expecting anything in return is empowering, liberating, and creating a positive mindset. Also, when you do something out of kindness, you are giving back some of your energy surplus to the universe, demonstrating abundance. Abundance represents an extremely high form of vibration. Also, helping someone will not only improve your day but also the one of the helped person.

The way we can be kind to others is endless and the benefits of kindness are immense. Some examples of spontaneous acts of kindness you can try are:

  • Give heart-felt compliments to strangers
  • Donate towels or blankets to an animal shelter
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Leave a meal paid for someone in need at a restaurant
  • Volunteer locally and online
  • Help seniors with their errands and groceries
  • Try to speak in the language of a person you know who comes from another country
  • Pay part of the debts of someone
  • Help someone in need who is not asking for help because of the shame for the situation
  • Spend time with elder people
  • Help someone finding a job

Quality sleep

Sleep is essential for our energy balance and well-being. The average person needs around 7-8 hours of quality sleep. To increase the quality of your sleep and thus your core vibration, the best option is to sleep early and wake early in the morning, so to get at least 7 hours of undisturbed sleep.

In the last hour before sleeping, turn off both your media consumption and the use of electronic apparels like phones, TVs, computers, tablets. In this way you will prepare you body and brain for a proper sleep.

Disconnect by all the thoughts of the days, balance your Qi, relax your body, calm your mind, and bring peace to your soul. In this way your sleep will be sound, regenerating, and healthy.

Eating well

This point is so obvious that most tend to give it for granted.

Food brings you energy, so in a certain way you literally are what you eat. So, you need to be sure that what you eat is healthy, provides your body with all the nutrients it needs and avoid processed foods for what it’s possible.

Take care of your physical body and you will see immediate benefits on your mind and soul.

Eat fresh healthy foods, drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol and junk food. Keep a diet that includes a healthy variety of local, seasonal food. When you eat healthy food and plenty of water, you are giving your body all the nutrients it needs plus helping it to naturally get rid of all the toxins which harm your wellness and wellbeing.

So, to balance your own energy and to raise your vibration keep under control what you eat and drink, choosing what keeps you healthy, carries energy, fosters healing. The quality of our food affects the level of our energy.

Taking action

This is a point that some misunderstand. Taking action means choosing action instead of reaction, means renouncing to be passive and slave of our negative traits.
The positive thing is that you just need to start doing what gets you closer to your life goals, to your growth, to your life purpose. The first two things you need to get rid of are procrastination and reaction, things that for sure have a very negative impact on your energy.

When you have things to do, but you keep delaying them, this creates a harmful spiral that damages your self-esteem, your energy, your mindset. Start by taking small action steps from today, and you will start feeling immediately better, as you will be moving in the direction of your dreams. Set realistic goals for yourself, focus in on your purpose and intention and start taking action!

About reactions, there are a clear symptoms that you are slave of your instinctive answers to what happens. You are not free to do what is better for you.
To set yourself free to improve and grow, start by choosing. Choose which is the best action to take, instead of reacting. The outcomes of that choice will be yours, and you will gain immediately a larger control of your life.

Get Moving

Mens sana in corpore sano is a latin phrase meaning “a healthy mind in a healthy body“.
Physical exercise is an essential part of mental, emotional, and psychological well-being.
Exercise lets your energy flow better, keeps you fit, improves your stamina, helps you fighting stress and anxiety, calm your mind.

You don’t even need to join a gym to start doing some physical activity. Just find ways to get moving every day, create occasions to move instead of remaining seated.
Build healthy routines as daily walks, practicing MMQG, a mild exercise like as Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, start skipping the elevator taking the stairs instead.
There are endless way to move: stretching, walking, dancing, gardening, swimming, running, bicycling, going on a treadmill, lifting some weight (and more). Each and every activity you choose, if done with proper attention is a good way to get your Qi flowing.

When you feel stressed or tired, instead of remaining in front of your PC, phone, or TV, try to get moving, and your energy and vibration will rise.
You will discover that when you find an active activity you enjoy practicing your vibration will steadily lift and increase.

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Extra bonus practices

Ten are not enough!

While writing the 10 practices, I decided I wanted to give you more, so I added these additional ones.

Practice Present Moment Awareness

The only moment we can get access to, and control, is the present moment. Also, the present moment, the here and now, is your source of energy.

When you’re worried about potential future, or when you are carrying with you the burden of the past, you’re losing some, or even all of the energy available to you in this moment. Forgive yourself and the others, get rid of the past, stop worrying for the future and open yourself up to experiencing the magic and beauty of the present moment.

Stop self-sabotaging your present with useless thoughts, behaviors, mindset anchored to something you cannot control, or because it happened, or because it has not happened, yet.

Live, love, balance your Qi in the present moment.

Make the conscious choice to fully live in the present, release anxiety, stress, and tension. Choose to act, willingly and responsibly, connecting with the Universal Energy and raising your vibration. In this way you will be discovering and developing your natural gifts and powers as a spiritual being in physical form.

Be Mindful About The Information You Ingest

I have suggested you to be mindful about what you eat and how your environment is kept. As everything is energy, information too is, and so you need to be mindful about the information you’re ingesting and surrounding yourself with. Avoid gossiping, talking behind people, filling your day with useless, negative information.

Start becoming aware of how you feel every time you get access to the different kind of material you’re reading, listening to and watching.

Try to balance all negative information you are exposed to with positive, inspirational, and uplifting material. If that were not available, take responsibility to create it yourself.

Claim Responsibility

We cannot be energetically balanced if we continue playing the blame game. Blaming others and looking outside of yourself for whatever reason to complain about is one of the most common causes of your living in a low vibration state.

Remember than nothing outside yourself can have an impact on you, as it all depends on how you deal with things. So, regardless of whatever happens, you are the one and only responsible for your actions and vibration. Yes, for sure out there you can find circumstances and people which may challenge you and cause pain, but it is up to you passively react or choosing which is the most appropriate action to take.

Take full responsibility for yourself and your actions, and act correspondingly in the moment to support yourself in raising your vibration and balancing your Qi. You are allowed, and encouraged, to set clear boundaries and to claim your personal space where to create the blessings you need in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Keep Your Heart Open and Return to Love

This one is really easy to understand and apply: love.
Love without judging and unconditionally.

Love, in its healthy declensions, it’s pure energy, that restores, balances, reinforces your personal energy, raising your vibration. To fully love, you only need to keep your heart open, and let it keep returning to love.

You can help this process by working with meditation and visualization. Imagine your heart, your body, your soul filled with love, energy, and light and glowing like the sun.

Audio Frequencies

If you love music, you can use it as an effective tool to use to balance your energy and raise your vibrations.
Plus, you are not bound to music only, you can also listen to beautiful sounds and you will see how positively this will help you feel better.

Every sound has a specific frequence, and some specific frequencies have the potential to affect you at the core of your being.
You could also sing a mantra or use a singing bowl to modulate the energy in your being.

There are specific frequencies associated with every Chakra:

  • Root Chakra, Frequency: 396 Hz.
  • Sacral Chakra, Frequency: 417 Hz.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra, Frequency: 528 Hz.
  • Heart Chakra, Frequency: 639 Hz.
  • Throat Chakra, Frequency: 741 Hz.
  • Third Eye Chakra, Frequency: 852 Hz.
  • Crown Chakra, Frequency: 963 Hz

Healing Crystals

Crystals have frequencies, some higher than others, that can be used to elevate your vibration. The benefits of crystals can be garnered in a variety of ways. We, of course, suggest wearing your crystals. The right combination of crystals can facilitate positive life changing vibration to manifest. Start by using your crystals to align your chakras.

Wear your crystals daily and/or during meditation to aid with the alignment. Crystals elevate your spirit and connect you to metaphysical energies.

Some of the crystal associated with the 7 Chakras (there are literally dozens more) are:

  1. Amethyst (Crown Chakra)
  2. Carnelian(Sacral Chakra),
  3. Yellow Jade (Solar Plexus Chakra),
  4. Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra),
  5. Lapis Lazuli (Throat Chakra),
  6. Clear Crystal(Third-eye Chakra),
  7. Red Jasper (Root Chakra)

Here are other 3 crystals for raising your vibration and connecting with higher energies. As usual, you can keep them in your home or wearing them/bringing them in your pocket:

  1. Selenite aligns the mind with higher vibrations and is a great crystal to have in your home for raising the energy. It has a cleansing effect on the aura and chakras and allows light to integrate with the body.
  2. Clear Quartz works on all levels and can transmute your energy to the highest level possible. It can be used for any spiritual purpose including manifesting, balancing chakras and travelling between dimensions. It can also be used to amplify the energies of other crystals.
  3. Smokey / Black Quartz is a great stone for protecting yourself from negative energies. Negative energy lowers our vibrational frequency. Smokey quartz also helps us break through stagnant energy. Too often we get stuck in old frequencies which isn’t healthy for growth. This is a stone I can rely on when I’m having trouble overcoming negative thought patterns or when I know I’m entering a place where the energy is negative.
  4. Danburite has a very pure vibration and a gentle, soothing energy. It stimulates the upper chakras, activating higher states of consciousness and allowing you to communicate with angels and spirit guides. It can also help with gaining knowledge and integrating light from the higher dimensions.
  5. Green Adventurine is a perfect stone for overcoming self-doubt while increasing self-worth. I enjoy green aventurine a lot because it opens the heart and helps me appreciate the infinite opportunity and abundance in life. I also really enjoy the shades of green within the stone which symbolize the renewal of life.

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