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Today’s question is: What exactly is Holistic Coaching?

Holistic Coaching is a specific branch of coaching that differs from the others as it specifically deals with body, mind, and soul as equally fundamental elements in your system.

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This means incorporating specific practices, in my case meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong, just to name a few of them, into the coaching sessions, to help and heal people by letting them removing all that is limiting and sabotaging their life and that comes not just from their mindsets, attitudes, behaviors, but also from a series of deeper, more intimate, often unconscious issues.

This holistic series of practices is called MMQG and encompasses meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong as a companion approach to my coaching method Yourself, Understood.

MMQG is Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong

A Holistic Coach works with the persons he/she helps, supporting them in finding their most true values, purposes, abilities. He/she also works with them so that they could accept all the things that, from a bodily, mental, or spiritual point of view, are perceived as limiting. In this way, limiting beliefs are not just addressed, but they become a solid foundation for a better life.

The goal is to let people fully understand who they really are, what they really want, why they do whatever they do so to set themselves free to design and achieve their lives.

It’s an approach that works on every level of your system, letting you get a crystal clear definition of what you consider fulfilling, successful, bringing you joy and happiness, basing it on your most intimate, core values, that are brought to light during the coaching.

Holistic coaching includes, as you may easily imagine, tuning with and accessing the spiritual journey of the people you are helping, to help and heal them in their quest of their true identities.

As a Holistic Coach, I see what you are passing through in your journey, both positive and negative events, as good opportunities for growth, awakening, and transformation. Integrating body, emotions, mind, and spirit – I help the people that ask my help to access, become aware of, and develop their full potential so they can literally create the lives they desire and deserve.

Traditional approaches to coaching usually underestimate the importance of overcoming all things that limit a person from every possible angle of themselves, limiting to help with professional life, relationship, or whatsoever limited scope.

In this case, instead, you work at the same time on health, wellness, nutrition, mindset, behaviors, goals, plans, purposes, personal, professional, and spiritual growth, relationships, sexual life, so you focus all the areas of your customer’s life, rather than just a few ones.

This style of coaching can be used to benefit every single aspect of one’s life, just as it does not focus on a few specific outcomes. Very often, there can be one main issue that a client may want to address when they come and ask for help, but then I, as a coach, will not limit myself to solve that issue, but will instead help the person working on any other issues in their life that are affecting him/her.

If you want to try an Holistic approach to improve your life, contact me for a chat!

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