I get asked quite often “What do you feel during an energy healing session?“.

As a energy healer, I want to give an answer that describes and encompasses most of the common sensations you could experience during a healing session.

If you are new to energy healing, the first thing that I would ask you is to keep an open heart and mind during the session, even if you don’t know what to expect.

You must accept my healing help. It is a two-way street, as I cannot heal you if you don’t want to be healed or if you have preconceptions against the practice, either consciously or subconsciously. That said, I am able to heal you anyway (yes, many people ask me even that question …), as energy goes over one’s opposition, but I never want to be invasive and I find this kind of practice dangerous and unethical.

Some people are concerned that the healers may receive negative energy from the person they are attempting to heal. This doesn’t happen to me, and I am sure that’s because I don’t accept the negative energy get into my system during a healing session.

I will take care, of course, of telling you what the session will look like, what you could experience, what you should tell me. Remember that energy healing is not only practiced in presence, but also remotely!

So, how do you know energy healing is working when you cannot directly see what happens?

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As I told you, I collected here some of the most common experiences people notice and feel when receiving energy healing.


This one of the most common sensation of all. As the (universal life) energy passes through your body, it interacts with your own energy.
If the healing is aimed at your core, so at the trunk/belly area, then you may feel cold and some people will need a blanket.
When you are releasing energy blocks you might feel hot.

So, it’s possible that during the same session you might pass from shivering to sweating as a result of the kind of effect the universal energy is having during the interaction with yours. These feelings may be experienced all over your body or localized just to a specific part.


Another common sensation is tingling in various part of the body, often in correspondence of energy meridians or chakras.

These sensations are perfectly normal and simply show you that your system is interacting with the healing process. If you feel a tingling, feel free to tell it to the healer, as he/she could use your feedback while intuitively guiding the energy along your body.


You may also feel to be moving during a session.

You could feel or that you are moving or that the things around you are, or even both. Some people describe the sensation as a breeze or a warm wave over the body.
Another thing you may experience is something moving inside your body. The feeling could not be directly close or related to the part that the healer is addressing in that specific moment, so you could feel like if you had a ball under your feet when the healer is treating your neck.

You could also feel like bubbles popping inside you, under the skin or deeper inside your body, as a signal that your blocks are getting literally … popped out.


During the energy healing session your body will release unhelpful, negative energies.

This can happen in many, often uncontrollable, ways that may include stomach gurgling, yawning, coughing, sneezing, itching, pulsing, numbness, hyper-sensitivity, little cramping or trembling. All these are signs that you are cleaning your body from negative energy. These can all be signs that the spiritual energy is doing its work and catalyzing changes within your system.

Sometimes, a few people refer exhaustion and some physical discomfort, that are caused by excessive contraction and resistance against the healing process. As told before, speak with the healer to get rid of the symptoms.

At the end of each session, take your time to fully return awake and aware, bend and stretch a little to regain control of your body.


During a session, you could experience a sudden freedom from a block you were not aware of having.

The healing makes your rational brain to slow down so that the unconscious can sometimes come out. This means that the healer is helping you setting yourself free from self-limiting thoughts, behaviors, habits, and mindsets. 


Having (even strong) emotional reactions is really common.

When you have a physical problem or condition, this means that you have a mental, spiritual or emotional imbalance that accompanies and echoes it. So, during the session you could experience emotional release that can result in happiness, joy, gratitude, relaxation, and relief.

Some people will also experience sadness, grief, anxiety, resistance, or fear might come up. This means that something in your mind or soul is resisting the therapy and you should immediately tell your healer what are you feeling so that the appropriate practices can be done to let you feel immediately better.


Some people have spiritual experiences during an energy healing session.

The experience can range from out-of-body experience to seeing inside your body, from feeling safe to be comforted by a higher force, from becoming one with the universe to getting insights.

Some people fall asleep during a session, while other come out of it fully energized.


An energy healing session can make you feel calm and relaxed. It will also grow your awareness.

This could seem strange as many think about energy healing as a pure recharging process, but it also represents a balancing process that will help you get rid of stress, anxiety, tension. Your bodily and mental awareness will grow as well.


Some people simply do not experience anything at all during an energy healing session.

This of course doesn’t mean the healing is not happening or that it is not effective. Usually that simply means that you are still not sensitive to energies, or that your mind and soul are being distracted by some issues.

Don’t worry and trust the process!

THE AFTER OF a energy HEALING session

An energy healing session is like a resetting experience.

The energy in your system will be cleaned and balanced so that you can use your refilled energy for your individual recovery process. This process will happen naturally and will last for some time after the session, so you don’t need to worry about following specific practices after the healing.

You may notice you need more sleep, more exercise, different routines, better nutrition after your healing session as the body heals itself.

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