I was speaking to a coach I was helping, a couple of days ago.

He told me that she is really struggling in this period as she is unable to find customers. What was even harder for her is that many other coaches, and coaches of coaches, are suggesting her to simply “go find customers, the rest will come”.

Now, imagine this scenario, quite common today: you have no job, as THIS is your job. You had customers off-line, but with this Pandemics, you are transitioning online. You have skills, knowledge, you solve real problems for real people. In short, you are a great coach.
But, you struggle to find clients.

Everyone is telling you that this is nothing but a self-limiting thought, and they even suggest her not to care about her landlord that wants to be paid, her medical insurance which is asking for the unpaid monthly fees, the bills that are summing up,
Unfortunately, you don’t go to these people telling them that you have a wonderful mindset and you ask them for that reason to waive your debts.
Your bills must be paid, as your debts, with real money, coming from real clients and not from a compassionate donor.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com

In a situation like hers, what you would expect is not an encouraging pat on the shoulder with a nice “you can do it!”, as she will do it, for sure, as she has all it takes to be successful. What she needs is finding customers, today.

You must address emergencies and hard times with proper countermeasures, not just with nice words. Acts and facts.

Do positive words help? Of course, they do! Do mindset coaching help? For sure!

Yet, now it’s the time to get some money, and not from a compassionate customer, but from someone who can be helped by her.

What I told her is to find someone who could help her immediately sharing a customer or doing the acquisition process for her, for free, with an agreement for a delayed repayment.

She followed the suggestion and found, asking online, three coaches who shared with her customers they were unable to accept or to help, but that were perfect fits for her.
She also found a marketer who accepted to work 3 months for free and be paid only with a percentage of effective sales. So, no upfront payment, no investment, no charity.
Sho got JOB, she got CUSTOMERS.

How many of you would share customers and/or work just on a percentage base? There are many valid coaches today struggling with customer acquisition and that have no money and no time to invest upfront.

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