In my last post, I told you about coaches that are struggling because of the never ending money requests from other coaches who should be helping them.

So, I decided that what we all need is growing some good Karma, and I opened a Facebook Group, at:

This group wants to promote the idea of ethical coaching, in the sense of a commitment by coaches who offer their help to others of not to:

  • ask for immediate payment
  • ask for the enrolment into a program, a school, a coaching
  • ask for upfront money or investments, for any reason (products or services, advertising, costs, …)

Instead, they agree on these rules:

  • offering immediate, concrete, tangible help in the form of presenting to the helped coaches customers they cannot serve at their best
  • offering immediate, concrete, tangible help in the form of knowledge transfer, skills transfer, work offered with a percentage only basis: this means that the helping coaches will be paid on a percentage of the revenue they helped generate
  • offering help in networking, word of mouth, post sharing, recommendations

We can make this world a better place, but we need to start to do something concrete.

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