Another post about questions I receive from my readers.

Today’s question is: how self-love shows itself in your life?

I love this question, as it allows me to open up about myself and about the results I got from my practice, the one that has become the Yourself, Understood Coaching Method.

My self-love shows itself by don’t let me feel down with other people’s judgment, as I am aware of my self-worth.

Physically it’s about eating healthy, exercising, and resting properly, practicing all the concept present in MMQG.
Socially, it’s about finding a supportive network and letting go of negative and toxic relationships.
Mentally, it’s about growing awareness of me (of my real self, with my real needs), compassion for others, commitment to help me and them.

Raffaello Palandri

It means choosing to act instead of reacting, it means choosing to make happiness my habit, it means to be grateful, doing things with intention, being true to the real myself.

It also means do not uncritically accept everything that my mind tells me, but remain rightfully self-honest. It means stopping comparisons and competition, and it means promoting self-growth and self-development instead.

My self-love shows itself in letting me celebrate my wins and being responsible for my mistakes, and also in teaching me to embrace and love all those things that make me equal to anyone yet different. This is what makes me special.

Self-love it’s allowing me to accept who I am, with my pluses and minuses. Accepting my imperfection and my beauty. Forgiving me without carrying the burden of the pain of my errors, but only learning the lessons.

It means to treat me and others with love and respect. It means to love. Me and others.

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