My friend and coaching partner Daniel Rieth has invited me at the TRÄUMEN & MACHEN Festival 2020 in Rothenburg odT, where I will hold a Workshop about  #HappinessInBusiness and employees’ and companies’ responsibility towards top performance and continuous improvement.

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Here is the amazing introduction he did:

Happiness Coach & Autor, erfolgreicher Consultant für Unternehmen und Regierungen, Meister in Meditation, Achtsamkeit, Qi Gong, fernöstlicher Kampfkunst und Philosophie – klingt erst mal krass. Ist er auch!
Raffaello Palandri wird uns beim TRÄUMEN & MACHEN Festival 2020 näher bringen, wie Unternehmen durch die Ermächtigung der Mitarbeiter Profite steigern und Kosten senken können. #HappinessInBusiness ist messbar.
Zudem lernen wir unsere eigene Verantwortung kennen und was wir dazu beitragen müssen, um gesund und glücklich zu leben und zu arbeiten.
✅ Workshop: Happiness in Business, 11h30-12h30

Happiness Coach & Writer, successful consultant for companies and governments, Master of Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong, Eastern Martial Arts and Philosophy – sounds incredible at first. And he is!
Raffaello Palandri will show us at the TRÄUMEN & MACHEN Festival 2020 how companies can increase profits and reduce costs by empowering their employees. #HappinessInBusiness is measurable.
We will also learn about our own responsibility and what we have to contribute to live and work in a healthy and happy way.
✅ Workshop: Happiness in Business, 11h30-12h30

Come attend the Workshop to start improving your personal and professional life. Happiness is a measurable asset of every business and it’s one of the key for a sustainable, long lasting success.

Remember: happiness is a habit you can learn, develop, and use!

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