Digital Photography 101

17 Nov

Raffaello Palandri Photography

Digital photography definition

Digital photography is photography that uses a digital sensor to capture images. Images can then be saved on any digital memory device like memory cards or hard disks.


A digital (imaging) sensor is a sensor that converts the light into currents, thus conveying information about the image. detects and conveys the information that constitutes an image. There are two types of digital sensors: CCD and CMOS ones.

CCD (Charge-Coupled Devices) shift the charge generated by the light hitting the sensor toward a charge-to-voltage converter. CMOS (Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) sensors, are also called Active Pixels Sensors, are made by an integrated circuit with an array of pixel sensors (so each pixel sensor contains a photodetector and an amplifier).

When a sensor reacts to light generates a RAW file, or as a RGB colour space. RAW files contain almost all non processed data from the sensor and require a transformation in a “digital-positive”…

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  1. caterina rotondi December 20, 2016 at 16:06 #

    Buon Natale Raffaello.

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